Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

The Call of God

Hussein * is a Christian Believer from Iran. He recently became a follower of Jesus Christ. His life was not always this peaceful. He remembers a time in his life when he was tormented. He recalls being a drug addict. And many a day and many a night he had wanted to take his own life. But all that changed when he became a Christian.

Once he became a Christian, he began to be involved with the underground church. It wasn't too long before he felt the call of God on his life to serve Him full-time. So he quit his job and began to work with two other Christian workers. There were moments of doubt. He wondered if this was what God had called him to do. Yet, he pursued to work with the Christian workers. His moment of clarity came one day when they were visiting a home.

When the Christian workers and Hussein entered the house, they were met by the daughter of the house who began to weep when she saw them. She later told them that Jesus Christ had appeared to her in a dream, and led her to the table, and invited her to sit at the table with three others. A few hours later, the same people she saw in her dream were at her door.

Overjoyed, she invited Hussein and the other two Christian workers into her home. Over the next several minutes, they shared the Gospel with her. When it was time for them to leave, the girl gave her life to Jesus Christ.

At that moment every doubt in Hussein's mind was dispelled. He knew with every confidence that God had indeed called him to preach the Gospel to the people who did not know Him. In the subsequent months, even when he was arrested and thrown in prison, that confidence remained.

Praise God for Christian Believers like Hussein who risk their lives to share the Gospel with those around them (The Bible, Deuteronomy 32:3).

Praise God for the many people who become followers of Jesus Christ after meeting Him in dreams and visions (The Bible, Luke 19:10).

Pray for the continued protection of Christian Believers in the 10/40 Window nations (The Bible, 2 Samuel 22:3-4).

Pray for a harvest of souls in the 10/40 Window (The Bible, John 3:17).

*Names have been changed.


Population: 30,430,267
Chief of State President: Ram Baran Yadav
Head of Government: Supreme Court Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi
Christians: 2.00%
Evangelical Christians: 1.50%
Dominant Religion: Hinduism
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked

Gloriously housed in the tall towering mountain range – Himalayas, Nepal is home to the tallest mountain peak in the world, Mt. Everest. Every year it attracts tens of thousands of tourist and travellers. In spite of its ancient culture and natural grandeur, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Around forty percent of Nepalese live in poverty, and forty-seven percent are underemployed.

Furthermore, the youth in Nepal face crippling problems. Illiteracy, lack of educational opportunities, drug addiction, trafficking, HIV/Aids, and fundamentalism are among the woes that plague young people in Nepal.

Christian Believers in Nepal deal with persecution from family members and friends, communities, Maoists, and Hindu extremists. However, the Lord of the Harvest continues to reach the peoples of Nepal with His abounding love. According to Operation World, "There is a Church planted in every one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, and there are at least some Believers in almost every people and caste group."

Pray for Christian Believers to reach out to the youth of Nepal with the Good News of Jesus Christ (The Bible, Psalm 119:9).

Pray for stable employment opportunities for the Nepalese. Ask God to provide economic growth in Nepal (The Bible, Psalm 40:2).

Pray for Believers to shine the Light of Christ into the darkness of Nepal. Pray for Nepalese Christians to boldly proclaim the Gospel despite maltreatment (The Bible, Matthew 5:14).

Praise the Lord for the growth of the Nepalese Church (The Bible, Acts 2:42).  

This article originally appeared in the December 2013 Edition of the Reporter.

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