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Adventures of Benyameen (Dec '13)

Adventures of Benyameen

Light streamed through the canopy of trees. Birds chirped. The leaves on the ground rustled. Benyameen slowly opened his eyes, and the world around him looked like blurry shades of green, yellow, and brown. His eyes began to focus on this unfamiliar setting--tall trees, the babbling brook, and the green grass. It slowly dawned on him that he was not waking up in the comfort of his home. Rather, he was in the middle of a dense forest.

He stood up and folded the mat that he had slept on. Walking to the sleeping form of a fellow-Believer, he said, "Bhaiya (Brother), it is time to wake up. We still have a whole day's journey on foot."

"Umm, hmm," mumbled the other man before he woke up.

Once they packed their bags and breakfasted on some dried fruits and nuts, they began their long arduous journey. Forty-eight hours after they left home, as the sun set amid the thick foliage of the forest, Benyameen and his companion reached the small village where the Adomismi people lived.

"Will the people be hostile?" asked Benyameen's friend.

Benyameen replied, "Until a few years ago, they were quite violent. They fought amongst themselves and didn't mind killing one another."

"But our loving Father is calling us to share the Message of His love with them," added his friend.

"You are correct. Unless we share the Gospel with them, they will perish," said Benyameen pensively.

"These clothes, and seeds, and medicines that we brought with us will also help them immensely," said the friend.

They entered the village as the men sat down to their evening of revelry. Before they could get drunk on their locally brewed alcohol, Benyameen and his friend sat down with the men and began to talk to them. They gave them medicines and talked to them about how they could farm with the seeds that they had brought. The men's suspicion slowly waned, and they began to listen intently to every word that Benyameen spoke. And Benyameen began to tell them about Jesus Christ and His love for the Adomismi people - - and for all the world.

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