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November '13 Praise Report

Virtual Clinic to Help Syria's Injured In what the United Nation calls the tragedy of the century, countless Syrians have no access to emergency medical care. Since the start of the brutal civil strife in Syria, the medical system has collapsed. Extremists continue to ruthlessly target medical personnel. Although many fled the country, a few remain treating those in dire need of medical care, in underground field hospitals. Residing in Manchester, U.K., British Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Talaat Atassi used social media to set up online virtual clinics, in order to provide medical advice to Syrians doctors. These doctors continue to treat the sick and the injured even at great peril to themselves.

Praise God for Syrian doctors who continue to care for the wounded even in the face of great danger (The Bible, 1 Chronicles 16:8).

Praise God for the virtual clinics that provide much needed support and guidance in providing life-saving diagnostics (The Bible, Deuteronomy 32:3).

Pray for the healing and restoration of the many who have been devastated by the fighting (The Bible, Psalm 103:1-5).

Impoverished Woman Breaks into the Business World Nimali Gunawardana is one of seven children. She was born into a poor family in rural Sri Lanka. Her first job was that of sewing machine operator in a clothing factory. Unhappy with the working conditions, she began to dream about starting her own business that would elevate herself and her family from a life of poverty and lack. Her first attempt at starting a business resulted in failure. In spite of the failure, she was determined. The second time around, she was more prepared. In August 2013, Nimali Chips and Fibre Milland was established, and it is thriving now. Recently, she was awarded the global title of Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. In rural Sri Lanka where women are not given enough opportunities to succeed, Nimali Gunawardana's story of endurance and success is inspirational.

Praise God for providing for the weak and the vulnerable opportunities for betterment (The Bible, Isaiah 40:29).

Pray that many would break out the cycles of oppression and poverty and experience a life of wholeness (The Bible, Psalm 59:9).


Young Woman Breaks Through In Sri Lankan Business World (BBC)

UK Doctor Helps Syrians Online (BBC)

Virtual clinic to help Syria's injured. Praise God! [TWEET THIS]

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Praise God for the Virtual Clinic that is providing medical assistance to those in Syria. Praise God for enabling people to break out of the cycle of oppression and poverty.

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 Win 10/40 Reporter.
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