Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

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A Christian Believer in a country closed to the Gospel felt burdened for the inmates in the local prison. A visit led to the start of a new hope-giving prison ministry which is supported by Window International Network.

Once inside the prison, the Believer discovered nine men in a cell. All were illiterate and the Believer wondered how they could learn the Bible. Then he met a school principal who was also an inmate in the same prison. Although the school principal was Buddhist, amazingly he was willing to use the Believer's Bible to teach the group the Word of God.

God blinded the eyes of the guards to what was going on. This enabled the Believer to take three Bibles in different languages into the prison, along with tracts and Gospel literature. Right away the group grew to fourteen.

When the authorities found out, they ordered the school principal to stop teaching the Bible to the prisoners. Left alone, the prisoners began to pray. Shortly afterwards a pastor and his wife were sent to the same prison. When they came across the prisoners they began teaching them. Deliverance and miracles are taking place inside the prison cell.

All this happened through the faithful prayers of God's people. Prisons are opening up. Bibles are taken in. Guards' eyes are being blinded. God is providing teachers. A congregation is set up within the prison walls. Prayers are lifted to God. Miracles happen. In this way, closed countries are penetrated with the life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is why we so desperately need to pray for the nations and peoples of the 10/40 Window. God, who works on earth through His people, will perform miracles through prayer.

We invite you to join hands with Window International Network and pray for persecuted Christians for whom prayer is essential. Prayer requires research and information from Christian Believers inside the 10/40 Window. This is the mission of WIN which strives to inform the Church how to pray strategically, specifically and Scripturally.

WIN supports the brave Believer who sent us this prison report. Although the support is modest, it is invaluable. We also help others as often as we can. God leads us to those who are in desperate need and who minister in the power of God's Spirit.

But we also need your help in mobilizing prayer intercessors for the 10/40 Window nations and peoples. We need your help in launching our Prayer Summits throughout the 10/40 Window nations. We need your help in leadership training and church planting. Much of it is in closed countries where we cannot identify the people by name or even the countries themselves.

This is a spiritually challenging ministry, and WIN needs your help this New Year.

Please prayerfully ask God what your part might be in praying, giving, and going.

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Pray for the new Believers in the prison cell and for their spiritual growth, discipleship, and protection. Pray that Satan will not snatch away the good seed sown in their lives (The Bible, Matthew 5:13/Matthew 13:8).

Pray for Christian Believers and pastors in the 10/40 Window nations, who continue to strive to advance the Kingdom of God amid hardships and danger (The Bible, Isaiah 52:7). Pray for God's spiritual and financial blessings on WIN and its supporters. Pray for more support so that more work can be done (The Bible, Luke 6:38).

Source: National Believer

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 version of The Win 10/40 Reporter.

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