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The Sunday worship service had just concluded. While the postlude was being played in the 19th Century Church in Peshawar, some worshippers knelt to pray, and some began to file out. As the twenty-two year old waited to leave, a projectile hit her. The blow momentarily blinded her. She was knocked to the ground. When her vision returned, she looked around. The horror that met her eyes was beyond describable. There were dead bodies strewn on the floor. Injured friends lay all around her. Her head was throbbing. Instantly she recalled that they were in church, and that she had come with her mother. She looked around as best she could and found her mother lying unconscious on the ground. They had been bombed!

The young woman survived a severe head injury and her mother remains in critical condition.

According to police chief Mohammad Ali Babakhel, ""The suicide bomber tried to attack the people, but when he was stopped by the police, he detonated the bomb," he also added, "The second blast was carried out inside the church."

Two militant groups with past links to the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility. The death toll rose to eighty-nine people. Among the dead are children, and among the wounded many remain in critical condition.

Even though Christian Believers face severe pressure and persecution in Pakistan, this latest attack is deemed as one of the worst in that country.

Every Christian Believer is encouraged to pray for faithful Believers who endure hardship for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer is essential to fortify those who suffer danger and difficulty for the Gospel. This requires research and information from Christian Believers inside the 10/40 Window.  This is the mission of WIN. WIN strives to inform Believers how to pray strategically, specifically, and Scripturally.

Pray for the removal of forces that threaten the safety of Christian Believers in Pakistan (The Bible, Psalm 82:4).

Pray for the Christian Church in Pakistan to continue to persevere even in the midst of acute danger and hardship (The Bible, Psalms 27:14).

Pray for God's peace to prevail in regions that are held by destructive powers of darkness (The Bible, Isaiah 9:6).

Pray for God's abundant blessings upon the financial partners of WIN (The Bible, Luke 6:38).

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Pray for the removal of forces that threaten the safety and protection of Christian Believers in Pakistan. [TWEET THIS]

Share on Facebook In one of the worst attacks on Christian Believers in the country, eighty-nine Christians died. Pray for the Christian Church in Pakistan to continue to persevere even in the midst of acute danger and hardship.

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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