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Adventures of Benyameen (November '13)

Benyameen woke up in a cold sweat. His pulse was racing. His feet touched the cold floor. He tried to stand. His shivering legs gave way and he slumped back into bed.

Roused by the commotion, Benyameen's wife sleepily inquired, "Is everything alright?"

"I'm okay, go back to sleep," said Benyameen, his breath rasped in his throat.

She knew something was not alright. She got up, stumbled in the dark to the door, and turned on the light switch. She narrowed her eyes to the blinding light and walked back to check on Benyameen. One look at him and she knew he needed to see the doctor right away.

A kindly neighbor took Benyameen to a government hospital that had a doctor on call.

Listening to his raspy breathing, the doctor asked, "Did you injure yourself, recently?"

"I did take fall a week or so ago," replied Benyameen feebly.

"That must be it, you have an infection," said the doctor.

Prescribing a strong dose of antibiotic, the doctor sent Benyameen home ordering him bed-rest.

When he woke up the following evening, the medicines had begun to take effect and he was feeling a lot better already. He narrated to his wife how he injured himself.

"Do you remember, last week I went to D______ village?" prompted Benyameen.

"Yes, you said you were going to baptize a new Christian Believer," she replied.

"Well, what I did not tell you was, I had to walk thirty kilometers to get to the village," said Benyameen.

As his wife gasped in shock, he continued, "As we were nearing the village, I placed my feet on some loose gravel and went hurtling down the slope. I felt as if demonic powers were trying to stop me from going to the village to baptize this new Believer."

Recovering from her initial shock, Benyameen's wife smiled fondly and said, "But our Lord Jesus is greater than any other power. He protected you. He helped you to baptize this Believer. And now, He has healed you."

"May His Name be forever praised," said Benyameen.

*Based on a true story. Names have been changed.

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Benyameen walks thirty kilometers to baptize a new Christian Believer. Read about his adventures and share it with family and friends.

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