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Praying Through The Window 9: Global Terrorism and World Religions

"Terrorism and radical world religions are driven by demonic forces. Therefore, we must deal with these spiritual issues in prayer." -Beverly Pegues

Praying Through The Window 9: Global Terrorism and World Religions is a prayer initiative that confronts spiritual wickedness of global terrorism and non-Christian world religions. These demonic forces work to advance the purpose of satan to inflict pain, suffering, hopelessness, and death on a mass scale. Satan and his demons are deceiving billions of people in the 10/40 Window, preventing them from knowing Jesus Christ, the Son and Living God.

This prayer initiative focuses on:

Global Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against civilians (non-military persons). It is demonically inspired and has as its goal the destruction of human life -- families, communities, and societies. Terrorism promotes chaos and panic.  

  • Pray for the blinded eyes of terrorists to be opened to see the light of the Gospel. Pray for the salvation of key members of militant organizations like al-Qaeda, Hamas, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (The Bible, I Timothy 2:1-4).
  • Pray against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness which use fear to manipulate people, governments, and nations (The Bible, Ephesians 6:12).
  World Religions are systems of belief that require the worship of false gods and idols. These are works-based and falsely teach that mankind can attain eternal life by way of good deeds. People also attempt to win the favor of demonic deities such as ancestors, territorial spirits, and gods of nature through various rituals.  
  • Pray for the Lord to draw those who have been blinded and deceived by false religions into a relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (The Bible, John 6:44).
  • Pray for the Gospel to be preached throughout the 10/40 Window and for followers of other religions to call on the Name of Jesus Christ to be saved (The Bible, Romans 10:13-15).
  Corruption is being guilty of dishonest practices; showing a willingness to break the law for personal gain.  
  • Pray against evil spirits that tempt leaders to abuse power, engage in bribery, embezzlement, fraud, blackmail, and otherwise misappropriate funds for their own personal gain (The Bible, John 10:10).
  • Pray for the poor and oppressed who are in distress because of corrupt governments (The Bible, Psalm 74:21).
  Lawlessness is contrary to or without regard for the law, uncontrolled by a law, unruly, and unrestrained.  
  • Pray for God to release His warring angels to overthrow the spirit of lawlessness at work in the10/40 Window nations (The Bible, Matthew 5:17-19).
  • Pray for God to arise and defend those who have been victimized by anarchy and riotous violence (The Bible, Psalm 72:13).
  Persecution is the state of being terrorized, intimidated, or subjected to hostile or cruel treatment because of religion, race, or beliefs; to be oppressed.  
  • Pray for the Lord to be a refuge to those who are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to guard them with His angels (The Bible, Psalm 91:9-11).
  • Pray for Christian Believers to forgive those who are oppressing them. Ask the Lord to soften the hearts of all who are in violent opposition to the Church. Pray for them to have an encounter with God like the Apostle Paul did on the road to Damascus (The Bible, Matthew 5:44; Acts 9:1-9).
  Human Trafficking is illegally trading, selling, or moving human beings for commercial purposes such as sexual exploitation and forced labor. Intimidation and threats of violence are often used to coerce and enslave victims. Human Trafficking is modern day slavery.  
  • Pray for the victims of these crimes to be set free from oppression, abuse, and exploitation. Pray for the Lord to heal them physically, emotionally, and spiritually (The Bible, Isaiah 61:1, 2).
  • Pray for the salvation of the perpetrators of modern-day slavery. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts and bring them to repentance and a relationship with Jesus Christ (The Bible, Acts 3:19).

You can make a difference!

It is our duty as Christians to pray fervently and consistently for the lost and for those Christian Believers who face persecution.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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