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Adventures of Benyameen (September '13)

Beads of sweat formed on his brow and small rivulets of perspiration began to take shape on Benyameen's weather-beaten face. The relentless tropical heat showed no signs of easing. He trudged up the steps leading to the forbidden prison. Not many knew of its existence, but Benyameen did.

Earlier that morning, merry birds chirping, jolly children scuttling down to school, and his wife's cheery inquiry to a neighbor woke Benyameen from his fitful slumber. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and looked around. The peaceful setting of his room was very different from the dream the night before. He had dreamed of a formidable fortress with barred windows and a heavy iron door. It was like nothing he had ever seen.

He knelt down and he prayed, "Lord, show me the meaning of that dream." Even as he was praying he heard the voice of the Lord directing him to visit the inmates of a prison of which he had never heard.

"Where is it? I have never heard of it," prayed Benyameen.

Again in His still clear voice, God led and directed him. He asked Benyameen to take Bibles to those in the forbidden prison.

Benyameen knew not to argue with God. He grabbed the Bibles from the shelf. Wrapping them in some clothes, he put it in a bag filled with soap, toothpaste, and other essentials that inmates usually are in need of and he left his home.

Climbing up the steps of this hidden prison, he could hear his heart beat from the exercise and also from apprehension. Anxious thoughts raced through his mind. They will definitely check my person to see if I am smuggling anything into the prison.

The sentry at the gate bellowed, "What do you want?"

"I have brought some clothes, soap, and toothpaste for the inmates," answered Benyameen.

The brusque sentry took the bag from Benyameen. He emptied the contents on the table. As the sentry scanned the contents, Benyameen waited with bated breath. After what seemed like an eternity, He growled to Benyameen, "Put your things back in the bag." As Benyameen began putting the Bibles wrapped in clothes, bars of soap, and tubes of toothpaste into his bag, he heard the clanging of iron gates being opened. He breathed a quick sigh of relief before he headed into the prison of which no one knew. He met the inmates and shared the Gospel of Christ with them. He gave them the Bibles and other things he had brought them.

That evening as the sun sank behind the distant mountains, Benyameen made his descent down the steep steps of the forbidden prison singing praise to God for showing him the prison that not many knew.

Based on a true story. Names have been changed.

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