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Pray4Saudi: #Ramadan Apps

#Ramdan Apps

#Ramadan Apps The recently married Habiba wanted to prepare an elaborate Iftar meal for her family. All these years she had watched her mother prepare the mouth watering stewed lamb with wheat berries, skewered lamb with grilled vegetables, and the staple rice pilaf. Now, she wanted to replicate that meal. However, she did not remember how it was made.

She did not wish to trouble her mother who was tending to other children, in the neighboring city of Riyadh. While Habiba was browsing the Internet, she chanced on the multimedia hub that Google had created to help Muslims come together during the month of Ramadan. The hub included live cooking lessons and provided recipes for those time honored Iftar dishes with which every Muslim broke the day long fast.

According to The Online Project, a Middle East Research Group, Muslims in the region are spending more time online during the month of Ramadan. Tech powerhouses like Google have capitalized on this overwhelming interest and involvement with the Internet and online communication. They developed a multimedia hub that provides live feed of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, cooking lessons and recipes for elaborate meals, and a one-click download button for dispersed families in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to connect with each other.

According to Arabian Business, "The new range of Ramadan relevant applications have been quite impressive this year." Most of these apps are free and can be downloaded without a cost. They work well across several smartphone platforms. During the month of Ramadan they have become a faithful companion for many Saudis who are participating in the unique practices of Ramadan.

Among the free Ramadan apps are the Quran Mojawed and Athkar . Quran Mojawed provides the complete Quran and one can even listen to each 'sura' (a chapter of the Quran). Athkar, which is hailed as user friendly, divides 'Athkars' (supplications) and 'Duas' (invocation) into clear categories.

Software developers and users are enthusiastic about the opportunities that these Ramadan apps provide.

Pray that Saudis will also discover Apps for the Bible and stories of God's redeeming love (The Bible, Exodus 15:13).

Praise God that more and more technology firms are gearing their products toward Saudis. Pray that Christian Believers will use the Internet to share the Gospel with fellow Saudis (The Bible, Isaiah 52:7).

Praise God for technology and tools of communication that have opened a world of opportunities. Pray these tools will always be used for the glory of God (The Bible, Ephesians 2:14).  

This article originally appeared in the September 2013 Edition of the Win10/40 Reporter.
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