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Adventures of Benyameen (August 2013)

“Post! Post for you! ” yelled the postman, ringing Benyameen’s doorbell. Collecting the envelopes from the postman, Benyameen returned to his table. He quickly sorted the letters that arrived and picked up the one from one of the prisons. He knew immediately that this was a letter from one of his “spiritual sons.” These were men he visited in prison; men with whom he shared the Gospel; men whom he led to Jesus Christ.

He excitedly called his wife who was preparing tea in the adjacent room, “Come quickly, my son in the Lord has sent a letter!” She came immediately.

“Weren’t you very worried about them?” she asked as she poured him a cup of tea.

“Yes, when I saw them last, they said the Police Superintendent was not allowing them to get together and pray.”

She sat on the edge of the chair waiting for news of the men. Opening the envelope with his index finger, he continued, “I have prayed for them fervently these past few weeks.”

As his wife listened, Benyameen began to read the contents of the letter,

Dear Baba,

We are all well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Police Superintendent who prevented us from worshiping God and from praying was transferred. Just as you encouraged us in your previous letter, our awesome God is able to do marvelous things for His children. The new Police Superintendent is very kind and he has allowed us to resume our Bible study and prayer fellowship. We are even sharing the Gospel with other inmates.

We look forward to seeing you. When you visit us next please bring us more Good News booklets to read and share with others. Also, please bring us some shirts and some toothpaste.


Your Spiritual Son,


Benyameen’s joy knew no bounds. He stood up and with his hands lifted, he began praising and thanking God for His divine intervention. God made a way for Benyameen’s spiritual sons in prison to worship Him and pray together again.

“I must visit them and bring them the things they have asked for. Praise God for these men whom I call sons,” Benyameen said.

“You must visit them though this journey is dangerous,” agreed his wife.

Based on a true story. Names have been changed.

This article originally appeared in the August 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.

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