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Join the Generosity Movement (August 2013)

With a heavy tread, the dejected Christian pastor walked to his vehicle. Yet another disappointment, yet another closed door, yet another rejection. Getting into his car, he turned on the ignition. Even as the engine came to life, he slumped over the steering wheel.

“How long Lord?” he sobbed.

His vibrant 200-member congregation in Tajikistan believed they were called to share the values of the Kingdom of God. They ran a Bible School, contributed to social care projects, and were involved in evangelism. However, they did not have a church building which they could call home. In the previous ten years, they were forced to move half a dozen times.

City officials would not rent public venues and private properties were well above their budget. The pastor just returned from meeting a city official who had turned down his request. Not knowing where to proceed, the pastor turned his eyes to God. He prayed earnestly that God would provide a building where he and his congregation could continue to worship God and share the Gospel.

An answer to his plea came. Barnabas Aid, a Christian Organization, provided them with the funds to purchase and register a property in which the Church could worship God and serve Him.

The delighted pastor praised God and said, “Now we have our own church building and can develop the ministry. We don’t need to fear that we will be turned out on the street.”

Praise God for the purchase of the new church building in Tajikistan (The Bible, Psalm 92:1).

Pray for the removal of forces that threaten the safety and protection of Christian Believers in Tajikistan (The Bible, Psalm 82:4).

Pray for the Christian Church in Tajikistan to continue to persevere even in the midst of acute danger and hardship (The Bible, Psalms 27:14).

Pray for God’s peace to prevail in regions that are held by destructive powers of darkness (The Bible, Isaiah 9:6).

Pray for God’s abundant blessings upon the financial partners of WIN (The Bible, Luke 6:38).

This article originally appeared in the August 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.

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