Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Hell on Earth for Women in Afghanistan

The young woman returned from "Naiak Bazar" in Yakawlang, a city in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. She hurried down the deserted dirt road as the late afternoon sun cast lengthening shadows on the ground. Her husband was tending the sheep in the mountains so she went to the bazaar (market) for provisions for the family. Absorbed with the cares that consume every householder, she failed to notice the red car that came dangerously close to her. Before she realized what befell her, the men forced her into the car and cruelly raped her.

Ten years ago, when the Taliban fell, there was much promise of change. Earlier, the Taliban deprived women of opportunities for education, denied them access to medical treatment, and often publically killed them for alleged immorality. The constitution drafted in 2004 granted women equal rights. In 2009, violence against women was outlawed. These measures were meant to safeguard some basic freedom for women.

Yet the problems that face Afghan women is so deeply rooted that none of the measures have truly ensured freedom for all women. Even though girls began to go to school and women began to participate in government, many women still continue to be banned from public life. Women are constantly harassed, raped, and murdered. They are forced into underage marriages and are trapped in homes where there is unbridled domestic violence. Half the girls do not attend school, and every two hours an Afghan woman dies from pregnancy related complications.

Many Afghan women do not support the anticipated NATO led troop withdrawal in 2014. They fear conditions will soon deteriorate. They are anxious they will again be subject to harsh treatment within a system that considers them as lesser human beings.

Pray Afghan women come in contact with Christian Believers who will introduce them to the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray they will experience the love of God who makes no distinctions (The Bible, John 3:16).

Pray for the protection of these women even when the NATO troops withdraw from Afghanistan (The Bible, Psalm 121:7-8).

Pray for vulnerable women in the 10/40 Window Nations who face grave dangers from those who wish to use them and hurt them. Pray for the healing of women who are abused--physically and emotionally (The Bible, Matthew 4:23).

Pray God will raise Christian leaders who give Godly counsel and instructions to victims of abusive and repressive environments (The Bible, Ephesians 6:12).


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This article originally appeared in the May 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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