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Join the Generosity Movement: Hundreds Rendered Homeless in Pakistan

"It took me many years to save enough money for my two daughters' wedding ceremonies in April," wept the elderly Christian Believer. "Now, I am left with nothing at all." Unable to come to terms with the horrific events that unfolded on March 9, 2013, he laments that he does not have the money or the means to even buy his family a meal.

On March 9, an angry mob of Muslims torched the homes and shops in a poor Christian neighborhood. The previous day a Muslim man lodged a complaint against Aslam, * a Christian Believer. He alleged that Aslam insulted the prophet Muhammad. Following this accusation, threatening messages against Christians were broadcast from mosque loudspeakers. The threats that blared from the loudspeakers warned the Christians, some of whom fled from their homes.

Incited by these messages of hatred, a large mob comprising nearly 3,000 people carried out the attack against the Christian community. Unable to find Aslam, they viciously attacked his father, who was later taken into custody. In an effort to calm the uncontrollable mob, the police registered a blasphemy case against Aslam. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Pakistani authorities have promised to bring to justice the criminals and compensate the loss of the Christians. However, it remains to be seen if these promises are kept. Attacks against Christians have become all too common. The Christians who were displaced in a similar incident in August of 2012 are still unable to return to their homes.

Even though Christian Believers constantly face danger and distress, they continue to faithfully worship and follow the living Jesus Christ. We invite you to join hands with Window International Network in supporting Christian Believers and leaders in the 10/40 Window Nations. Please follow the link below to invest in the work that God is doing in the 10/40 Window.

Pray for God's comfort to surround the families who have lost their homes, shops, and possessions in this traumatic act of domestic terrorism (The Bible, Psalm 23:4).

Pray that the Pakistani authorities will keep the promise to provide compensation to the victims (The Bible, Isaiah 12:2).

Pray for the Christian Church in the 10/40 Window Nations to continue to persevere even in the midst of acute danger and hardship (The Bible, Psalms 27:14).

Pray for Pakistani Christians to be strong and courageous and for peace to prevail in regions that are held by destructive powers of darkness. (The Bible, Isaiah 12:2).

Pray for God's abundant blessing upon the financial partners of WIN (The Bible, Luke 6:38).

Sources: Barnabas Aid, Huffington Post

This article originally appeared in the May 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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