Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Kidnapping and Forcible Conversion of Christian Girls

On September 30, 2012, Rahil* was walking to school like she did every morning, but she never made it to school.

The family began frantically searching for the fourteen-year-old Rahil, enquiring of hawkers, shopkeepers, and passers-by. When their search proved to be futile, Rahil's father filed a missing person's report. It was not long before someone called and told him he would not see his daughter again. He was also warned not to make any more attempts to find her because she had converted to Islam and married a Muslim man.

Various representatives of Christian Churches, human rights organizations, and the National Council for Women have been trying to reunite Rahil with her family in spite of the warning against it.

There has been a growing trend in Egypt, since the revolution in 2011, where young Christian girls are kidnapped and forced to marry Muslim men. A Christian NGO, the Association of Victims of Abduction and Enforced Disappearance (AVAED), has documented the abduction and forcible conversion to Islam of over 500 girls. These girls have later been married to Muslim men against their will.

Pray for the release of the Christian girls who have been abducted. Pray also for the Lord's protection over them (The Bible, Psalm 69:33).

Pray that God in His sovereignty will bring to an end the horrible practice of abduction and forceful conversion of young Christian girls (The Bible, Isaiah 54:14).

Ask the Lord to comfort the families of the girls who have been kidnapped (The Bible, Isaiah 41:10).

Pray for Christian Believers, pastors, and missionaries in the 10/40 Window nations, who continue to strive for a Great Harvest amid hardships and danger (The Bible, Isaiah 52:7).

*Names have been changed.

Source: Assyrian International News Agency, Barnabas Aid

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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