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Pray4Saudi: An Eye for An Eye

An Eye for An Eye

The tall palm trees that flanked the streets were a blurry rush of green and grey as the young Saudi man sped down the main road. He swerved unsteadily making a turn into a side street. He slammed the brakes. The tires came to a screeching halt, but not before the car rammed into a young woman.

The woman was taken to the hospital. The doctors later told her and her family that she had lost the use of her legs. She had just returned from her honeymoon when the car that came at full speed toward her hit her. As the doctor made that heart-wrenching announcement, she saw her entire life vanish before her eyes. Agonizing grief gave way to unforgiving anger.

When the driver, who was charged with speeding and reckless driving, offered financial compensation for the suffering caused, the woman refused to accept it. Instead she invoked the "eye for an eye" rule. She reasoned that the only compensation for her loss would be the driver becoming paralyzed himself.

Some Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia, that are ruled by a severe interpretation of the Sharia Law take the "eye for an eye" rendering of justice quite literally. While some victims accept "Diya" (blood money or ransom) for injury caused, some resort to this kind of revengeful justice that seeks to return injury for injury.

Pray for healing for the victim; pray that Jesus Christ would pour His love and grace into her life, so she will understand what it means to be forgiven (The Bible, Psalm 103:2-3).

Pray for wisdom from God for those who enforce the law and administer justice (The Bible, James 3:17).

Pray that the people of Saudi Arabia are introduced to the forgiveness and wholeness that Jesus Christ alone brings (The Bible, Psalm 130:4).

Sources: Incense for Saudi, UPI, Riyadh Connect

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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