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Nearly two years ago, Abu Sayed* was baptized in a remote place in the Arabian Peninsula. When his father, Abu Hamza*, became a Christian Believer, Abu Sayed began to see evidence of a life changed and transformed by Jesus Christ. Greatly influenced by the life and witness of his father, Abu Sayed was moved to place his trust in Jesus Christ. Soon he was baptized. Dan*, a western tentmaker who had discipled Abu Sayed's father, was present at the baptism. On seeing Abu Sayed emerge from the water, his heart was filled with joy.

Some well-meaning Believers mentioned Abu Sayed's Christian faith in the presence of Muslim family members. Fearing for his life, Abu Sayed retreated from open fellowship with Christians. Dan was saddened that Abu Sayed was no longer seen. However, he prayed that God would be with him and teach him, lead him, and guide him.

Recently, an aunt in the family passed away. In keeping with local custom, Dan visited the family to express his condolences. He did not recognize anyone at the house. After spending some time with the family, Dan left. As he headed to the car, he heard someone call out his name. Turning, he met a young man who identified himself as Abu Sayed. He said he recognized Dan's voice and Arabic accent. Abu Sayed joyfully related how he and his brother continued to read the Bible and pray. He also added that he waits for the day when there will be greater freedom for Christians in his country.

It is through the life, witness, and ministry of ardent Believers like Dan, Abu Hamza, and Abu Sayed that people in the 10/40 Window nations come to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The time has come again to train the 10/40 Window leaders in strategic level prayer, evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and leadership. The Leadership Training Summit will be held in Sudan in March 2013. You are invited to join hands with Window International Network to sponsor a 10/40 Window delegate. The average cost for a delegate is $2,500 USD. Please invest in a 10/40 Window leader, online, at

Pray for God's leading and guidance in the planning of the WIN Summit (The Bible, Psalm 143:10).

Pray for God's anointing over the organizers and delegates of the Summit (The Bible, Isaiah 61:1).

Pray for Christian Believers and pastors in the 10/40 Window nations, who continue to strive for the Kingdom of God amid hardships and danger (The Bible, Isaiah 52:7). Pray for God's abundant blessing upon the financial partners of WIN. (The Bible, Luke 6:38) * Sources withheld and names changed. This article originally appeared in the February 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.

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