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WindoWatchman: Bangladesh

  • Population: 150,448,339
  • Political Leader: Sheikh Hasina (Prime Minister)
  • Predominant Religions: Islam 85.6%, Hinduism 12.4%, Christianity 0.7%
  • Persecution Ranking: 44th
  • Number of Terrorist Groups: 20
  • Acts of Terrorism: 153; Casualties: 229
  • Percent of Corruption: 80%
  • Percent of People in Poverty: 45%

Bangladesh is part of the Indian subcontinent. It is a heavily populated country.

Bangladesh was part of Pakistan; it was formerly known as East Pakistan. Separated from Pakistan by 990 miles, Bangladeshis felt marginalized and discriminated against. After nearly nine months of internal conflict and military clampdown, Bangladesh--aided by India--waged a full-fledged battle against Pakistan. The war lasted thirteen days and ended decisively. On December 16, 1971 Pakistan surrendered, bringing to fulfillment the official creation of the state of Bangladesh.

In spite of taking significant economic strides, poverty is widespread in Bangladesh. Nearly 115 million people live under $2 USD per day. Even though the system of governance is weak and rife with corruption, Bangladesh is still one of the few democracies in the Muslim world. However, in recent times there is increased concern regarding religious extremism and the government has banned two Islamic extremist organizations.

Christian Believers make up a tiny sliver of the population in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Christians make up less than one percent of the 161 million strong population. And this small minority is persecuted for their faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

Pray for the Christians of Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to grant them protection from all those who intend to hurt them (The Bible, Psalm 18:2).

Pray for Christian Mission Organizations in Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to empower them so they would lead many to Jesus Christ (The Bible, 1 John 4:4).

Pray for political stability in Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to protect the people against extremists (The Bible, Psalm 27:1).

Pray for the people of Bangladesh. Ask the Lord to provide for their needs (The Bible, John 21:6).

Source: BBC, U.S. State Government, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, International Christian Concern

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 Edition of the Win 10/40 Reporter.
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