Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

The Adventures of Benyameen (Feb 2014)

Benyameen began the steep ascent up the mountains. The heavily wooded mountain slope allowed the sun’s rays to fall intermittently with dazzling brightness on the mountain path. Looking up through the leaves he beheld a cloudless, azure blue sky. The clear blue skies and crisp morning air filled him with praise for the call of God upon his life.

The gathering storm clouds overtook the clear blue skies much the same way his cheery outlook was beginning to be overshadowed by the concerns of this present day. The towering mountains reminded him of the many obstacles that he encountered on his journey to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples of the remote villages that skirt the mountains of the east. Every step brought him close to a village he had been visiting for the previous few months.

He had led a small group of people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. However, he soon realized there weren’t many people in the village who could read or write.

“How am I going to disciple these people, Lord?” he despaired, gasping for breath as the ascent had suddenly become quite steep.

“If they are to learn about You and lead others to You, they ought to be able to read Scripture,” Benyameen continued.

As if in response, an old familiar song crossed his mind and he found himself singing,

Is anything too hard for the Lord?
Is anything too hard for the Lord?
Is anything too hard for the Lord?
No, nothing is too hard for the Lord!

Enthused by the reassurance God gave him, he resumed his journey with a spring in his step and a song on his lips.

On arriving at the village, he was amazed. All the elderly, unschooled people in the small house church were seated in a circle and a young boy was reading the Bible to them. Benyameen’s eyes welled as he saw these new Christian Believers listen to and repeat Scripture verses. He quietly slipped into the room, sat on the floor beside the others, bowed his head, and said, “Indeed, nothing is too hard for the Lord; Praise God!”

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