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Praise Report: China Relaxes its One-Child Policy

China began allowing couples to have a second child if one parent is an only child, a move which represents the first major easing of the country’s one-child policy in three decades.  China's birth policy has limited most couples to only one child, but it has now allowed a second child if neither parent has siblings or if the first born to a rural couple is a girl.

The move, formally introduced in December, was first announced by the ruling Communist Party's leadership in November. The easing of the law will benefit some 15 million to 20 million Chinese parents, mostly in cities, and will result in 1-2 million extra births per year in the first few years.

The use of coercion in the enforcement of China’s one-child policy has resulted in untold numbers of forced abortions and sterilizations. This has been described as the greatest violence against women and children in the world today.

Praise God that the one-child policy has been slightly eased, and for the happiness it will bring to millions in China (The Bible, Matthew 19:14).

Pray against the enforcement of the one-child policy, which results in millions of unborn babies being killed, and for the devastating effects on mothers (The Bible, Matthew 2:18).


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