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Praise Report: Egyptian judge calls for equitable treatment for Copts

A prominent judge in Egypt has called on the government to ensure that Copts are treated fairly.

Judge Amir Ramzi insisted that the Egyptian government needs to criminalize discrimination, as well as allow conversions from Islam to Christianity. He also called for the return of guidance sessions for those wishing to convert.

In an interview with Mideast Christian News, Ramzi denounced the kidnapping of Copts and asking for ransom from their relatives, a phenomenon that has significantly increased recently.

Ramzi said the amended constitution takes into account marginalized groups, including Copts, women, and youth. The constitution calls for the establishment of an anti-discrimination office, and also allows Christians to resort to their religious legislation and choose their religious leaders.

He also called for equality in occupying senior governmental positions among Copts and Muslims.

Praise God for fairer and better treatment for Egypt’s beleaguered Christians, both Evangelical and Coptic (The Bible, Psalms 106:46).

Pray for Judge Ramzi’s proposals to come into force, and for his own personal safety from Islamic extremists, given his call for fairer treatment for Christians (The Bible, Proverbs 21:15).


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