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Join the Generosity Movement (March 2014)

A cessation of hostilities in South Sudan was signed on 23 January but the situation is still critical. South Sudan urgently needs prayer warriors and the spread of the good news of the Gospel into both South Sudan and its northern neighbor, the Republic of Sudan.

David**, a businessman and a leader of the underground church in northern Sudan, was arrested by secret police. His home and business were ransacked, and his possessions stolen. He himself was severely beaten, chained and tortured.

The authorities tried to extract from him the names of Muslims who had converted to Christianity. After a week of torture and beatings David was released and extradited to South Sudan. He was hospitalized, but was not expected to survive his injuries.

Thankfully, WIN was able to help David financially through an offering taken at the WIN leadership summit last March.

WIN believes it is Sudan’s goal to Islamize and destabilize South Sudan. Into this demon-inspired turmoil, WIN is again sending a team to raise up prayer: prayer that will defeat the minions of darkness and bring peace.

The summit will follow up on WIN’s Summit there last March by training the Christians in spiritual warfare. Everything happening right now in South Sudan is demonic-driven. Christians will learn how to prevail over the enemy and be victorious in spiritual battle.

WIN cannot do this important prayer work in South Sudan, the only Christian nation in the 10/40 Window, without your support and prayers. WIN needs your help with the cost of international travel, accommodation, food and expenses. WIN President Beverly Pegues personally expects to be there for about one month.

Please help WIN flood South Sudan with prayer power by praying yourself and prayerfully considering how you might help. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying.

Pray for the world’s newest Christian nation. Pray for the ceasefire to hold and for talks in Ethiopia to initiate the deeper work of reconciliation (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:18 ).

Pray against sectarianism and ethnic tensions. Pray for justice, trust and hope to be rebuilt. Pray for the families of those killed and for all refugees. Pray for fear to be calmed and terror to cease (The Bible, Psalm 3:6).

Pray against demonic activity over South Sudan. Pray for more intercessors (The Bible, Ezekiel 22:30).

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This article originally appeared in the March 2014 edition of the 10/40 Window Reporter.
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