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Praise Report: Christian head of North Korean University

A groundbreaking university in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, designed to open the minds of the country's future elite, has a Christian president and lecturers.

Dr. James Kim is an American Christian who runs Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST).  He was once condemned to death by the regime in North Korea after being accused of being a spy for bringing in aid.

PUST, which was featured in a BBC TV documentary last month, has 500 students, mostly in their 20s. They are the sons of the country’s most powerful men, including senior military figures. PUST exposes students to western ideas and technology.

Dr. Kim was invited to build PUST by the North Korean government. He raised the necessary $32 million USD funds, largely from United States and South Korean Christian charities. Dr. Kim also raises $3.2 million USD a year for running costs. Some of the 40 lecturers are sponsored by Christian charities.

The documentary began with Dr. Kim singing “How Great Thou Art” in a field outside PUST. He said he was on a mission from God to use PUST to peacefully transform North Korea.  As the program points out, this is remarkable, as the regime persecutes Christians, hates America, and once condemned Dr. Kim to death.

Praise God for Dr. Kim and for PUST. Pray for him and the Christian lecturers to have more than just an academic impact on these emerging elite leaders (The Bible, Matthew 24:14).

Pray for Chinese President Xi Jinping to end China’s violent repatriation policy that has led to the torture, imprisonment and death of thousands of North Korean refugees and humanitarian workers (The Bible, Psalm 37:9).

Source: BBC TV Panorama programme  

This article originally appeared in the March 2014 edition of the 10/40 Window Reporter.
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