Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

A Call to Action (April 2014)


Advancing Christ's Teachings In Our 10/40 Window Nations

Featured Country of the Month: India

Somila is a 16-year-old girl born on a tea plantation in Assam, northern India. She was conned by slavers with the promise of an office job, and taken to Delhi hundreds of miles away. Watch this heart-wrenching video by the UK newspaper The Guardian, which records the attempt to rescue her and others from their captors. Thousands of girls from poor backgrounds like Somila are caught up in the 21st century slave trade.

Emerging Media Initiative incorporates social media (Facebook, Twitter) to create a forum where people who live in the 10/40 Window nations are given the means to share their stories of triumph and struggle; and the ones who care about those who live in these regions learn how best to pray for them, serve them, and encourage them.

On this 21st century stage, each one is invited to be a reporter, a photographer, and a videographer, sounding the clarion call to aCTioN - Advancing Christ's Teachings In Our 10/40 Window Nations.

Visit to learn about India. "Like" Pray4India on Facebook. Follow @Pray4India on Twitter. Use this platform to connect with Christian Believers who live in the region, who pray for the region, and who serve the region. Use these forums to share stories, pictures, videos, prayer concerns, and to give encouragement. Get the word out about the Pray4India Facebook and Twitter pages – blog about it, share it on your Facebook page, call and email your family and friends to aCTioN.


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