Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Join the Generosity Movement (April 2014)

South Sudan needs your prayer and financial support

Imagine your once-peaceful neighborhood now a war-torn battlefield. Nearly every house is empty. Your neighbors were either murdered or fled in fear of their lives.

You take refuge in a nearby church and find some comfort and security being in the house of God. But one day, you are awakened by the sounds of gunshots and screams inside the church. You hide. You hear other refugees screaming and crying. When it is safe to emerge, you see carnage. Several women are dead on the floor. Others have been beaten up.

This is a real story that happened recently in South Sudan. At least 14 female church staff members were killed in an attack on St. Andrew's Church in Bor, Jonglei State.

Prayer is vital. It is the power that demolishes strongholds. It breaks the power of the devil who is once again on the prowl to ravage the people of South Sudan. We cannot allow satan to destroy the only Christian nation in the 10/40 Window.

As a young fledging nation, South Sudan needs your prayers and financial support to survive the devastation of the recent civil unrest and five decades of post-war challenges. Please join us to envelop South Sudan with prayer during this critical time. Also please prayerfully consider a generous financial donation to provide training in reconciliation and humanitarian aid to assist our Christian Brothers and Sisters in their time of need.

Help us reach our goal of $162,360 for humanitarian aid, village by village training in reconciliation, and evangelism. We cannot meet this challenge without you. Please ask your church, family, and friends to join you in sending a gift along with yours.

Please make your online donation today at Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying.

Pray for protection and safety for Christian Believers and churches in South Sudan (The Bible, Psalm 5:11).

Pray for the children of South Sudan to be able to grow up without hunger or sickness. Pray for them to be able to play in safety and to attend school (The Bible, Matthew 19:14).

Pray against tribal warfare, ethnic divisions, and for peace to reign over the country. Pray for the peace talks to continue, and for both the government and opposition leaders to honor the ceasefire (The Bible, Psalm 29:11).

Pray that Believers would have many opportunities to share the Gospel and for their faith to be strengthened. (The Bible, Acts 14: 21-22).

Pray that satan's power over South Sudan would be permanently broken (The Bible, Luke 10:18).

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