Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Great and Marvelous Works

What God is doing (and wants to do) in the 10/40 Window

Paging through the morning paper, watching CNN, and scanning the news online, you’d never know an unprecedented movement of God is underway in the earth. According to secular sources, it’s bad news as usual – oil spills, terrorist attacks, wars, poverty, crime, natural disasters…. Doom and gloom is the order of the day.

Look behind the headlines, however, and you will see a harvest of souls unequalled in the history of mankind. And the lion’s share is taking place in what was once known as “the resistance belt” – the 10/40 Window.

One of the many examples of what God is doing inside the Window comes from India. “The last decade has seen a great escalation of disciple making and church planting,” reports Dr. Victor Choudhrie, leader of a church planting movement in that nation. What does he mean by “a great escalation? Between Pentecost 2009 and Pentecost 2010, Choudhrie’s ministry saw one million baptisms. That’s a one followed by six zeros!

As is true of any revival or great awakening, this didn’t just happen. It was a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit ignited by the prayers of God’s people. “This was made possible because of an avalanche of prayer,” Dr. Choudhrie explains. “Both praying through the Spirit and praying through the mind. Holy Spirit-guided, informed strategy resulted in a huge harvest that we could not think or imagine.”

What began with prayer is also being sustained by prayer. It has produced lasting fruit, Choudhrie says, because instead of “shotgun” evangelism aimed at anyone and everyone, this harvest of souls has been intentional and focused. “Every leader took ownership of his region and worked with a goal-oriented mentality of reaching the lost.”

The obvious question is: can God do the same thing in other nations of the 10/40 Window? The answer is a resounding: “Yes!” He is great and powerful, desiring that “all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (The Bible, I Timothy 2:4). As the prophet Isaiah reminded the people of Israel: “Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor His ear too dull to hear” (The Bible, Isaiah 59:1).

The Lord is already at work, bringing tremendous harvests in places commonly associated with spiritual darkness, oppression and barrenness. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, for instance, Muslims are accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in numbers dwarfing all past centuries combined. In China, untold thousands are putting their faith in Christ each day and some estimate the number of Believers to be more than one hundred million.

The keys to seeing even greater harvests in “hard places” such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, and Afghanistan, Dr. Choudhrie says, are prayer and discipleship training. Prayer tills the ground, softens hearts, and removes the veil from the eyes of the lost and unreached. As the Holy Spirit draws them into relationship with Jesus, it is then critical to teach them to follow Him. That means communicating to them the urgency and responsibility of the Great Commission.

“Go and make disciples of all nations,” Choudhrie says, repeating the words of Jesus. “Equip and send them on to do the same.” It is a mistake, he emphasizes, to simply seek to save souls. We were not commanded to simply proselytize. We were told to make disciples.

“Post harvest operations are just as important as reaping the harvest,” Dr. Choudhrie explains.

It is also essential that all believers be involved in the task. “The need of the hour,” Choudhrie says, “is to get Christians unglued from the pews and sent out as harvesters into the marketplace, government, schools, hospitals, work places, police, banks, homes and neighborhoods and plant the Kingdom. “The harvest is ready and plenty and waiting… but the laborers are few.”


  • The Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest field. (The Bible, Matthew 9:37,38)
  • Christians to take seriously the role of prayer in global evangelism. Ask the Lord to stir His Church, mobilizing Believers to pray consistently, fervently, and strategically. (The Bible, Colossians 4:2,3)
  • the Gospel to be proclaimed in the whole world as a testimony to all nations. (The Bible, Matthew 24:14)
  • spiritual eyes and ears to be opened, blind minds to be made to see the Gospel of the glory of Christ. (The Bible, II Corinthians 4:4)
  • disciple-making rather than just convert-making. Pray for the Lord to raise up leaders who will train Believers in the Word and release them to disciple others. (The Bible, Acts 2:42-47)
  • Christians to take ownership of the Great Commission – praying, sending, giving, and going as the Lord leads, without hesitation or argument. Pray for members of the Body of Christ to die to self and live for the glory of their Lord. (The Bible, Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 16:24)
  • the harvest of souls already taking place to grow, swell, and explode, sweeping across nations and entire continents until the whole earth is filled with the glory of the Lord. (The Bible, Psalm 57:11)

Sourced: Dr. Victor Choudhrie, CrossFeed Religious News

Originally published in the 1040 Window Reporter August 2010

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