Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Guinea, West Africa

Population: 9,947,814
Political Leader: President Lansana Conté
Predominant Religions: Islam 85.4%, Traditional 9.7%, Christianity 4.7%
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Number of Terrorist Groups: None Listed
Acts of Terrorism: 1; Casualties: 0
Percent of Corruption: 81%
% of People in Poverty: 47%

Because of its unusually rich mix of fertile farmland and natural resources (25% of the world’s supply of bauxite plus diamonds, gold, and iron ore), Guinea carries enormous economic growth potential.  Unfortunately, poor governance, weak economic policies, and inadequate infrastructure continue to be major obstacles to attracting the much-needed foreign investment.  Political trends are becoming progressively worrisome as rampant corruption increases.  In 2006, Guinea was ranked by Transparency International as the most corrupt country in Africa.  The poverty in Guinea is so crushing that the majority of its citizens have little or no reliable access to food, water, health care, education, or government services.

Islam came to Guinea in the eleventh century and is embraced by a large majority of its nine million people.  The nation has a history of slow response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among the Muslim population, and is one of the least evangelized countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.  However, in a step forward, Christian leaders won the respect of the nation in March of 2007, when they were instrumental in resolving a labor dispute that left one hundred people dead after protests, violence, and looting.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that God will call people to Guinea to minister to those who need aid, evangelize those who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and disciple new Believers. 
  • Pray that the government and local authorities in Guinea will have favor on Christian Church and create open doors for Christians to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in this precious nation. 
  • Pray that the message of Christ will not be diluted through intermingling with animistic and Islamic beliefs. 
  • Pray that the number of Christian broadcasts will multiply.  Pray that audio-visual media will reach the eyes and ears of those who cannot read.  Pray that these messages of faith will have an impact that multiplies many times over through the country of Guinea in an astounding ripple effect. 
  • Pray that the Bible, the Jesus Film, and other Christian materials will be translated into the languages of Guinea so that all may have access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the full Word of God.  Pray for nation-wide literacy so that, once translated, these resources will be widely read. 

Sources:  Serving in Mission, Bethany World Prayer Center’s Global 12, The Center for Public Justice, The World Factbook

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