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Window Kids July 2013

Hi WindowKids!

We are halfway through the year, and our journeys through the Middle East have been very exciting.  There is no journey as exciting as ours will be this month!  Wait until you see where we are about to go!  This month we are visiting ancient Israel.  Enjoy your journey.  These pictures will speak for themselves.


Temple Mount: There is a long history to the Temple that the Lord first instructed King Solomon to build.  It is referred to as “Solomon’s Temple,” and it was built with clear instructions from the Lord.  However, it was totally destroyed by the Babylonians approximately 370 years after it was built.

The Temple was rebuilt, and then destroyed again by Antiochus III.  He tried to impose the teachings of the Greek gods in the Temple, and the Jews revolted.  Today, a Muslim mosque sits on the Temple Mount, and it is called the “Dome of the Rock.”  It is difficult for Jews to share this sacred place with a temple honoring another god.


Nazareth: After the death of Herod, Joseph dreamed that an angel instructed him to move his family back to Israel from Egypt, to a city called Nazareth  (The Bible,Matthew 2:19).  This town near Galilee was the childhood home of Jesus Christ (The Bible, Matthew 2:23).  It is a beautiful city nestled in the hills of Israel, where a cool breeze often blows, even in the summer heat.

bethlehemBethlehem: This town near Jerusalem was the birthplace of Jesus Christ (The Bible, Luke 2:4). Micah, the Prophet, even prophesied that Israel’s ”ruler” would come from Bethlehem (The Bible, Micah 5:2).   It was also the place where Rachel (the wife of Jacob), died (The Bible, Genesis 35:18-20).
qumramQumram Caves: Although the Qumran Caves may not be mentioned in the Bible, it is very important that we mention it on our journey through the Land of Israel.  In 1947, or late 1946, a young shepherd boy was looking for a lost animal near the Qumran Caves.  He threw a rock into the opening of the cave, hoping to find his animal.  Instead, he found something much more important. When he threw that rock, he heard the sound of a pot shattering.  Imagine his surprise!  After looking further, he found 2,000 year old scrolls of the Bible!  What an incredible discovery! sea of galileeSea of Galilee: WindowKids, this is an amazingly beautiful region in Israel.  Many wonderful stories in the Bible have occurred here.  It was here that Jesus called the fishermen Peter and Andrew to be His disciples (The Bible, Matthew 4:18).  It was near the Sea of Galilee that Jesus healed the man who was deaf and mute (The Bible, Mark 7:31).  Who can forget when Jesus fed the crowd of 5,000? (The Bible, John 6:1). That miracle also happened near the Sea of Galilee!

WindoWords:  Common Hebrew Phrases Good evening - erev tov Good morning - boker to Good night - lailah tov Goodbye - shalom What is your name?  Aich korim lachca? Nice to meet you.  Nayim mayod. Restrooms - cherubim Where do you live?  Eifo ata gar? What time is it?  Ma ha’sha’a? You’re welcome - bevakasha How are you?  Ma nish-mah? What’s new?  Ma chadash? Ice cream - glida Pray for Israel

  • Pray that God would defeat the demonic forces that are behind terrorists groups in Israel, and that terrorism would stop spreading into Israel (The Bible, 2 Timothy 2:24-26).
  • Praise God for the Christian Believers and Jews who choose to remain in Palestine, and pray for their protection.
  • Pray for unity between the orthodox Jews, Messianic Jews, and Christians.  Pray that they would work together to train leaders for Israel.
  • Few missionaries work in Arab communities to share the Gospel. Pray for God’s laborers to be sent to reach out to Muslims.
May the Lord bless Israeli children and keep them.  May the Lord make His face shine upon them and be gracious to them.  May He lift up His countenance upon them, and give them Shalom peace!  Amen.
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