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A Special Day of Prayer for Syria - March 15, 2017

Special Day of Prayer for Syria - 15 March, 2017

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The war in Syria has lasted for 6 years. We are aware of the horrific pictures and stories of that great conflict. Now is God's time for us to make a difference. Let us come together, as the Body of Christ, for a day of prayer and fasting for the people of Syria. Below are four prayer requests that the Lord has put on the hearts of Syrian Christian workers. May they be a springboard to begin your prayer time with the Lord.
After 6 intense years of struggle, the war in Syria has left the nation divided into two groups: those who have remained in country living in survival mode, and those still struggling to survive in various regions all over the world. Pray that Syrians in both of these groups would come to know Jesus Christ as their sustainer and provider. Pray that the Father will use them to bring the Light of the Gospel into the hidden recesses of Islam both inside of Syria and around the world. 

Pray that God would bring forth a " Cornelius" from Syrian Muslims to share the Gospel message with not only Syrian refugees but with Muslims all across the Middle East and around the world. 

The Father's plan has always been for excited Christian Believers to "gossip" His message to all they know. The same is true today. The Father's plan for a quickly reproducing witness and a quickly reproducing Church could be the beginning of a rapid harvest among Syrian refugees. Pray that they will see His plan and the urgency of sharing what the Lord has done. Pray they will pass on the Gospel message to Syrian people and they will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ NOW !

Pray that the global Church in all affected countries understand God's "multiplication plan." Pray the Church is deeply burdened to see all of those affected by this conflict, both internally displaced people and refugees, to have an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. Ask that new Believers faced with ongoing and inevitable persecution will stand strong in their faith and be encouraged.

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