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Ethnic Cleansing Equals Genocide for Myanmar's Rohingyas

Photo:AFP/Fred Dufor

Ethnic Cleansing Equals Genocide for Myanmar's Rohingyas

What name was the Pope forbidden to say on his recent visit to Myanmar? Rohingya. Just the mention of it could have devastating effects. Who are they? The Rohingyas are a Muslim minority that has lived for generations in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar (Burma). Now, however, they are called a stateless people since Myanmar's harsh regime has denied them citizenship. They have been tortured, raped, and murdered by the country's security forces carrying out "clearance operations." Out of 1 million Rohingyas, more than 630,000 have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. That country is overwhelmed by the sudden influx of refugees.

Doctors Without Borders conducted surveys in Bangladesh's refugee camps and confirmed some startling statistics. In just one month - 25 August to 24 September - 6,700 Rohingyas were killed in Myanmar's Rakhine state! Children have suffered the most, lives snuffed out by terrible violence. Stories emerge of unthinkable atrocities. Making matters worse, Myanmar's civilian government has barred reporters, international observers, and humanitarian aid workers from the region. All efforts to thwart this ethnic cleansing have been rejected. The Rohingyas need God's divine intervention to deliver them. They need for Christians to intercede for them, to beseech our Heavenly Father for their lives.

The nation of Myanmar is number 28 on the 2017 Open Doors World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world. Window International Network partners pray for Myanmar on Day 22 in accordance with the Praying Through the Window 9: Global Terrorism and World Religions prayer calendar.

Please pray for:
  • Almighty God to intercede from heaven on behalf of the suffering Royingyas: "Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear" (The Bible, Isaiah 59:1).

  • Christians to agree in prayer, for sympathetic government officials and civilians in Myanmar to have a significant influence on halting the violent, inhumane actions of the military against the Rohingyas. (The Bible, Matthew 18:19-20)

  • Rohingya refugees to have visions and dreams of Jesus Christ Who wants to deliver them from their present desperate situation. Their eternal destiny apart from God is also hopeless unless someone tells them about this Savior (The Bible, Romans 10:14).

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