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Dear Friends,

Cheers are still erupting! The world celebrated the Olympians, champions who received gold medals through expert training. Christians globally celebrated Reverand Billy Graham's life and his homegoing. His exemplary life impacted so many of us. He modeled how to preach and live the Gospel. He effectively trained internationally leaders to evangelize their nations.

When I think of leaders that I have met over the years at WIN's leadership training conferences, I am inspired. Their tenacity to make sacrifices and yearning to improve is worth celebrating!

I remember our Brother from a closed country who attended our leadership training conferences in Nigeria. Through tears, he confessed his hatred for Muslims because of how they persecuted Christians in his country. With the compassion of the Father's love, we prayed, and God healed his heart. Hallelujah!

When our Brother returned home, he shared what he learned. With funds he raised in his impoverished country, he held three training seminars within six months of the WIN conference. Two years later, he and pastors he trained from 70 churches held an open-air prayer event to intercede for others living in the 10/40 Window. Over 7,000 Christians attended! Now he has started a TV-internet station where he preaches the Word of God to his oppressed countrymen and those who persecute Christians. He is one of the many inspirational leaders who has blossomed through our leadership training.

Training individuals create a ripple effect. We train Christian leaders; these leaders then train others, then they train others, and so on. To win the prize, you must train! That's why it is WIN's goal to train at least 1,000 leaders this year!

During my upcoming journey to the 10/40 Window, I will conduct follow up training with a core team of leaders. We will increase the intensity of the training to include: Authority of the Believer In Prayer, Christian Character and Leadership, and the Seven Mountains That Transform Society. This will empower our core team to train more leaders.

Will you partner with us to train these gifted leaders for an advanced level of effectiveness in prayer leadership? I am counting on you to be a part of equipping at least 1,000 leaders this year! Your partnership with Window International Network is an investment into the lives of billions of people living in the 10/40 Window. As we run the race, to prepare 10/40 Window leaders, we will cross the finish line and lay down our prize together at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Please help us make a stronger impact in the lives of 10/40 Window leaders by sending a partnership gift today. Thank you for donating $25, $100, or $250 today to provide advanced training for our leaders in the 10/40 Window.

Yours for the 10/40 Window,

Beverly Pegues

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