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Cambodia National Assembly Elections - July 29

Photo: Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Cambodia National Assembly Elections - July 29

Next Sunday, Cambodia will elect a National Assembly Leader. The result could be the "expected" or historic. Already the run up to the elections are in question with what some have called "a democracy in shambles." Ruling leader Prime Minister Hun Sen is expected to be re-elected, mostly due to the fact that the main opposition party and its leader, Kem Sokha, have been banned and deemed illegal. If elected, Sen will extend his nearly 40-year rule by another five years. The very essence of Cambodia's democracy is at risk if the international community overlooks the corruption associated with his regime.

Cambodia has struggled to uphold a real democracy for years, but these "rigged elections" would be considered a plunge into authoritarian rule. Hope remains in the fact that Cambodian General Hing Bun Hieng, Sen's personal confidante, was sanctioned under America's Global Magnitsky Act in June for his complicity in serious human rights abuses. As a key figure in the regime, Hieng is deemed responsible for numerous brutal acts accounting for countless murders.

Let us pray for:

Pray that the Cambodian regime will release opposition leader Kem Sokha and allow fair elections.

Pray that the international community demands election monitoring.

Pray that Prime Minister Hun Sen is struck with God's love for him and his people (The Bible, Micah 6:8).



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