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Emergency Prayer Alert: South Sudan in Crisis

02/06/14 12:46 PM → South Sudan in Crisis   The two main warring groups in South Sudan announced a ceasefire on 23 January. They expected it to end nearly five weeks of hostility between the forces led by President Salva Kiir and the rebels led by former Vice-President Riek...

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South Sudan in Trouble

01/05/14 12:41 AM → Dear Saints of the Most High God, Please STOP! Pray NOW! Pray in church tomorrow and mobilize others to pray for South Sudan. As you know, South Sudan is the only Christian nation in our beloved 1040 Window. We led our 2013 leadership Summit in Juba in March. We must cry out to the Lord God Almighty to STOP the demonic forces trying to annihilate the people in this...

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Cry Out to the Lord for South Sudan

01/03/14 10:36 PM → The situation in South Sudan continues to remain critical as more than 1,000 people are believed to have been killed since violence erupted between the two warring groups. There are unconfirmed reports that the rebels are intent on marching to the capital city of Juba – a development that is bound to trigger another round of violence, loss of lives, and...

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South Sudan on the Brink of Civil War

12/27/13 12:17 AM → The situation in South Sudan is fast turning into a tragedy. The United Nations has said that thousands of people were killed in just one week of violence. And tens of thousands have fled their homes after being targeted because of their ethnicity. The battle is essentially between government forces led by the President Salva Kiir (from the Dinka tribe) and the rebels led...

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South Sudan in Crisis

12/23/13 11:41 PM → South Sudan is facing crisis. The birth of this newly independent nation that broke away from Sudan in 2011 was expected to herald peace after decades of violence. However, the events of recent weeks seem to suggest that a worsening situation is developing in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt. Rebel forces managed to seize control of an oil rich city and are expected...

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SYRIA: Al-Qaeda destroys churches as it tries to establish Islamic state

11/26/13 9:38 PM → Pray for Christian Believers in northern Syria where Al-Qaeda is destroying church buildings and cracking down on protesters as it tries to create an Islamic state. Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a jihadist group linked to al-Qaeda, accessed the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs in Raqqa in September, removed the cross and hung the...

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Crisis in Egypt

08/22/13 4:25 PM → The Lord Will Bring Egypt From The Brink of Self-Destruction   Photo by Associated Press ...

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Emergency Prayer Alert: EGYPT: Christians Harassed & Brutally Executed in Egypt

07/25/13 6:10 PM → SUMMARY: In July 2013, a group of Islamists chased a Christian businessman, killing the 41-year old and leaving his nephew deeply wounded. After a rooftop chase, the mob beat them and hacked them with axes. This atrocity allegedly happened because Emile Naseem supported the removal of the recently ousted President Morsi from office. Young Christian activists are rising up...

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Refugees, brutal persecution, and further turmoil in Syria

07/22/13 4:36 PM → Syria's 2˝-year civil war, which has killed 100,000 and displaced over 1.5 million, continues with no end in sight. According to the United Nations, the fighting kills approximately 5,000 people per month and almost 7 million Syrians are in dire need of assistance. Syrians are fleeing the nation in record numbers, averaging 6,000 per day. Antonio Guterres,...

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EGYPT: Protests turn into celebration as Egypt's Military deposes Morsi

07/03/13 3:58 PM → Massive demonstrations turned violent in Cairo leaving 16 dead and 781 injured. As the protests continued 17 million Egyptians lined the streets, demanding the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi. Their intense rage stems from the president's inability to fix the economy, security issues, and Morsi's strong ongoing allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood....

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