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Emergency Prayer Alerts

10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert-Suday-Christian leaders plea for prayer after a Darfur rebel force launched a surprise attack

06/10/08 5:02 PM → Christian leaders in Sudan have made an urgent plea for prayer after a Darfur rebel force launched a surprise attack on Khartoum on May 10, 2008. Sudan has arrested Abdel Aziz el-Nur Ashr, a senior commander of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement, which launched the attack in which at least 200 rebels, soldiers and civilians have been killed so far this month from the...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert-Gaza-Unknown assailants detonate a bomb outside a Christian school

06/13/08 5:01 PM → Prayer is needed for Gaza Christians after unknown assailants detonated a bomb outside a Christian school at 2 a.m. Saturday, May 31, 2008. The attack caused no injuries, but it sparked fear among the strip’s tiny Christian minority. A Palestinian Christian leader who requested anonymity for security reasons said that police had reportedly arrested one of the assailants....

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Special News - Window International Network

06/20/08 5:01 PM → WINDOW INTERNATIONAL NETWORKJune 20, 2008 Dear John, Intercessors are needed to come alongside churches worldwide to pray on Sunday, June 22 for refugees and internally displaced peoples, many of whom are Christians living in the 10/40 Window. They have been forced to flee their homelands because of persecution and terror. In China, refugees fleeing from North Korea have been...

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Emergency Prayer Alert-Pakistan-Christians Kidnapped by Extremist Islamic Group During a Prayer Meeting

06/27/08 5:00 PM → WINDOW INTERNATIONAL NETWORKJune 27, 2008 Christians in Pakistan are urging prayer for the South Asian nation after approximately 25 Christians were kidnapped and others were beaten up by armed men with an extremist Islamic group who attacked them during a prayer meeting in Peshawar on Saturday, June 21, 2008. Sixteen Christians were released by the Lashkar-e-Islam (the Army...

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Emergency Prayer Alert-India-Extreme Flooding in Orissa, India Causes Grim Situation for Christians

06/27/08 4:58 PM → WINDOW INTERNATIONAL NETWORKJune 27, 2008 Urgent prayer is needed for India after heavy and incessant rainfall since June 16, 2008 has flooded many areas in the eastern states of Assam, Orissa and West Bengal leaving some 93 people dead and nearly 2.7 million people affected. Close to 1.3 million people have been devastated by the flooding in the state of Orissa. Worst-hit...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert-Djbouti and Eriteria- Neighboring East African Nations Clash Raises Fears of an all-out Military Confrontation

07/03/08 4:57 PM → Intercessors are needed to pray for Djibouti and Eritrea after recent deadly clashes between the two neighboring East African nations. Eritrea moved troops to the Ras Doumeira area at Djibouti’s northern border on Tuesday, June 10, 2008, sparking skirmishes that resulted in the death of a dozen Djiboutian soldiers and wounding dozens. “The situation has remained calm, but...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert-Emergency Prayer Alert : Middle East nation's Nuclear Crisis Intensifies, while Christians are Targeted for their Faith

07/31/08 4:56 PM → Intercessors are needed to pray for Iran as the Middle East nation's nuclear crisis intensifies, sparking fears of conflict in the region. Meanwhile, Iranian authorities have stepped up persecution of Muslim converts to Christianity. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday, July 23, 2008, vowed that Iran would not yield in the five-year crisis over its nuclear drive as...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert : North Korea

08/05/08 4:56 PM → Christians worldwide are encouraged to intercede for the world’s worst abuser of human rights and religious liberty after North Korea recently lashed out at the South Korean defense chief for labeling the communist state an enemy. South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee told parliament last month that the country’s military views North Korea as “a present enemy” and...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert : China

08/06/08 4:55 PM → Christian groups are encouraging intercessors worldwide to pray for China as the communist nation host the Olympic games, starting Friday, August 8 to Sunday, August 24. The day before the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Open Doors USA is holding a special prayer gathering in California to intercede for China, which is ranked No. 12 in the 2007 Open Doors...

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10/40 Window Emergency Prayer Alert : India

08/13/08 4:54 PM → Prayer is needed for India, where Hindu nationalist forces are advancing strategically and gaining political ground in the lead up to the next federal elections due by May 2009. Their political propaganda is profoundly anti-Christian and causing persecution to escalate dramatically and intensify. For example, with elections scheduled for December in Madhya Pradesh state,...

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