Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Prayer Points For Every Nation — February 2013



A crowd of Hindu radicals brutally beat a pastor in Karnataka. Pastor S.K. is hospitalized after suffering broken ribs and numerous head and neck injuries. Extremists attempted to attack him in the hospital the following day. Guards now protect him in an effort to aid his physical recovery. Pastor S.K. is one example of the ongoing persecution in Karnataka. According to the Global Council of Indian Christians, thirty-nine attacks against Christian Believers occurred in 2012. Ask God to supernaturally protect His Church in Karnataka. Ask the Lord to heal Pastor S.K. and shield him from further violence. Pray for the strength and endurance of Christian Believers in Karnataka. Pray for the Gospel to spread in this region (The Bible, Psalm 62:5-8).


Mauritania decided to reinforce its borders because of recent developments in Mali. Mauritania continues to prepare for the consequences of a war against al-Qaeda in Mali. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) decided to occupy a border town in order to send a message to Mauritania. Pray that the youth of Mauritania would find jobs and not “employment” with the Islamic Maghreb, which promises them a future in the afterlife. Pray that these terrorist groups will find themselves besieged. Many of the youth follow these groups because they believe it will bring them life; pray they will find life, joy, and peace in Jesus Christ (The Bible, Matthew 5:43-45).



Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir imprisoned two Christian Priests for baptizing an Arab Muslim woman who converted to Christianity. Many different Muslim groups want to increase pressure on Christian Believers to show their support for Sharia Law. The Nuba Mountains, an area with the highest percentage of Christians in Sudan, was under airstrikes at the end of 2012. Government forces destroyed schools, homes, churches, food crops, and grasslands in this region. Pray for those affected by the violence in the Nuba Mountains. Pray they find great peace. Pray that Sudan would not become a leader in the persecution of Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for His Church in Sudan to be strong (The Bible, Psalm 107:28-30).


Sudan and South Sudan continue to have disputes along their border. There is a fourteen-mile-wide strip of land that both sides claim is part of their country. There is increased tension because much of this disputed area is where the oil that South Sudan owns is located. South Sudan says Sudan sent planes and bombed some of the area. Pray for a peaceful end to this border dispute. Pray that both governments would form a workable solution. Pray for the different tribal peoples living in South Sudan to know the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for the well being of the people (The Bible, Colossians 4:3).


In 2009, the government passed a law criminalizing violence against women. However, according to the United Nations, more progress needs to be made. Georgette Gagnon, human rights director for United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, says, “We are calling on the Afghan authorities to take, of course, much greater steps to both facilitate reporting of incidents of violence against women and actually open investigations and take on prosecutions.” Pray for the government to enact tougher legislation protecting women. Pray for Christian Believers to minister to women affected by violent crimes, and to boldly share their faith with them. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout Afghanistan (The Bible, 2 Timothy 1:7).



In an effort to tackle corruption, Kuwait went through elections for parliamentary cabinet posts. But after the elections, the new Cabinet had no major changes in membership. The failure to make even nominal changes surprised opposition leaders, including hardline Islamists. This election brought in a strongly pro-government Parliament. Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah leads Kuwait. Pray for Emir Al-Sabah, that God would give him much wisdom, insight, and plans to lead his country into the future. Pray for a growing openness to the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, Proverbs 21:30).


In Dhaka, authorities accused a Christian family of trafficking their fourteen-year-old Muslim housekeeper. The family denied the charges and claimed they are being blackmailed. The Muslim mother of the young maid sued the family for “abducting and selling” her daughter. However, she was willing to drop the lawsuit if the family paid her one million taka ($12,330 USD). According to BosNewsLife, “There is concern that each of the Christian Believers may face up to fourteen years imprisonment.” Pray for the Muslim mother to withdraw her lawsuit and drop all charges against this family. Pray for Christians, who are a minority in Bangladesh, to boldly share their faith despite persecution. Pray for the Church in Bangladesh to grow and spread throughout the nation (The Bible, Acts 2:47).



In the first three days of 2013, twelve earthquakes struck Japan with a magnitude of 4.1 and higher. The Nuclear Regulation Authority is very concerned because they discovered numerous active faults beneath a nuclear plant in northern Japan. They believe the faults underneath this reactor are capable of producing a magnitude 7 earthquake. Ask the Lord to stop these earthquakes in and around Japan. Pray for the government to improve safety standards at their nuclear power plants. Pray for Christian Believers to actively share their faith with friends and family (The Bible, Romans 10:13-14).


Since the military coup of April 2012, cocaine trafficking dramatically increased and the nation’s primary cash crop–cashews–plummeted, cutting economic growth in half. According to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “International intelligence suggests cocaine trafficking is taking place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, without interference from government officials. It is believed that hundreds of kilograms of cocaine are trafficked in each single attempt.” Poor law enforcement in Guinea-Bissau makes it an easy “transit point for international drug trafficking.” Pray for a restoration of peace and order in Guinea-Bissau. Pray for an end to drug trafficking and organized crime in this poverty-stricken country. Ask the Lord to provide Christian Believers with opportunities to share the Gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 13:11).



Christian Believers fear the recently passed “anti-conversion” law will increase persecution. The decree prohibits conversion by “coercion” or “inducement.” However, these terms were not explicitly defined in the law and Believers worry they could be misconstrued and used against them. Pray for the Bhutanese government to repeal the new law. Pray for the Church in Bhutan to willingly share their faith despite the risks. Ask God to protect Christian Believers from those who wish to harm them (The Bible, Psalm 91:4).


Extreme wealth, the lavish royal family, the funder of the spread of Islam around the world is how Saudi Arabia is described. This picture of wealth conceals the growing problem of poverty. A quarter of Saudis live below the poverty line. The poverty rate among Saudis continues to rise as youth unemployment increases. Pray that God will meet the needs of the poor in Saudi Arabia. Pray for the poor to long to know more about the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. Pray He meets their physical and spiritual needs (The Bible, Psalm 86:1).



In May of 2013, the first parliamentary elections since 2002 will take place. The opposition party, however, believes President Alpha Conde’s government is “preparing a fraudulent election.” The controversy stems from the government’s choice of Waymark–a South African consulting firm that will be managing the election. Mamadou Dian Balde, editor-in-chief of the Independent and Democratic newspapers, says, “They think Waymark will help President Conde steal the election.” Pray for a peaceful and fair presidential election process in Guinea. Pray for Christian Believers in Guinea to use the upcoming election as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Pray for the growth of the Church in Guinea (The Bible, Colossians 4:5).


According to the United Nations, Thailand is the seventh worst country for violence against women. Michelle Bachelet, executive director of United Nations Women, states, “Up to forty-four percent of women in Thailand have reported to have been a victim of violence at least once in their lifetime.” Pray for the government to enact legislation protecting Thailand’s women. Ask God to look after and provide for these women. Pray for Christian Believers in Thailand to share the Gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors. Pray for a great harvest of souls in Thailand (The Bible, Isaiah 41:10).



The Zerma people of Niger are mostly Muslim. However, they also believe in animism and participate in a variety of cults. Cult activity includes spirit worship, possession, and magic. While the Bible is available in the Zerma language, there are very few Christian Believers. Ask the Lord to raise up missionaries willing to serve the Zerma. Pray for church planting among this people group. Pray that the small group of Christian Believers shares the Gospel with their community (The Bible, 1 Chronicles 16:24).


The government of Kyrgyzstan is considering legislation increasing the sentence for bride-kidnapping from three years to seven. According to the Women’s Support Centre in Bishkek, nearly 12,000 girls, typically from impoverished areas, are kidnapped each year and forced into marriage. The proposed law is controversial because some see bride-kidnapping as a long-standing tradition, while others view it as a violent crime. Pray for the Kyrgyzstan government to pass this bill. Pray for the people of Kyrgyzstan to end the practice of bride-kidnapping. Pray for Christian Believers to share the Gospel with these young girls (The Bible, Mark 16:15).



According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, authorities recently arrested almost fifty Christian Believers in Tehran. After they gave the officials their cell phones, contact information, and Internet passwords, the officials released them. Operation Mobilization reports that Muslims who convert to Christianity often face “huge obstacles and problems…they’ll lose their jobs, their bank accounts are frozen, and in general, life becomes very difficult.” Pray for Christian Believers to remain strong and steadfast despite harsh persecution. Ask God to protect and encourage His Church in Iran. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout this nation (The Bible, John 16:33).


Interpol rescued 387 child trafficking victims and arrested seventy-three alleged child traffickers in Burkina Faso. They found the children working in dangerous environments, such as “narrow, airless mining holes,” without pay. According to Interpol, young girls were “often subjected to sexual abuse.” Praise God for the young victims’ freedom. Ask the Lord to physically and emotionally heal these children. Pray for Christian Believers in Burkina Faso to share their faith with the victims and their families. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout this poverty-stricken nation (The Bible, Psalm 147:3).



According to the news organization allAfrica, two new studies by NATO and CNA Strategic Studies claim “the growing role of al Qaeda across northern Africa.”  The Mali crisis and Libyan arms influx, is creating instability across Africa’s Sahel. This poses a threat not only to countries in the region, but also to Europe and the U.S. Pray for a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis in Mali. Pray that terrorist activity in northern Mali will not cross over into neighboring countries. Pray for the safety of Christian Believers in the region (The Bible, Psalm 16:1).


President Ilham Aliyev pardoned eighty-seven people in a New Year’s amnesty. The released include human rights activists, journalists, and members of the opposition party. Human rights groups believe the president is guilty of fixing elections and silencing dissent. The government, however, claims the nation “enjoys full freedom of speech and a free press.” Pray for Azerbaijan’s Christian Believers who often face persecution and discrimination. Pray for the Church in this nation to thrive and grow. Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed in Azerbaijan (The Bible, Psalm 145).



Recently, grave robbers desecrated over a hundred graves in Benin. Authorities believe the missing skulls and body organs are for use in voodoo rituals. According to Reuters, Benin is the “world capital of voodoo.” Most of the nation’s population practice some form of voodoo. Ask God to free Benin from the bondage of voodoo. Pray for the government to arrest and prosecute the grave robbers. Pray for Christian Believers in Benin to actively share the Gospel. Pray for the people of Benin to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (The Bible, John 8:32).


A mob attacked the HKBP Church in Bekasi on Christmas Eve. The crowd attacked Christian Believers with excrement and bags of urine as they attempted to worship. Natalius Pigai, with the National Commission on Human Rights, says, “The government’s inconsistency in protecting religious freedom is giving rise to intolerant groups that are much more dangerous than atheist groups.” Ask the Lord to put a hedge of protection around the HKBP Church. Pray for the Indonesian government to make a concerted effort to defend religious freedom. Pray for Christian Believers to supernaturally endure persecution, and to courageously spread the Gospel throughout Indonesia (The Bible, Psalm 91).



The government in Laos restricts religious practice through its legal code. It has not stopped religious freedom abuses in some rural areas. Christian Believers endure detentions, close scrutiny, harassment, property repossessions, and forced relocations. They are also forced to deny their faith. Pray for the government to change its legal code and allow freedom of religion. Pray especially for Christian Believers in the rural areas of Laos who experience the harshest forms of persecution. Ask the Lord to strengthen, encourage, and protect His Church in Laos. Pray for many to come to faith in Jesus Christ (The Bible, Isaiah 41:10).


The occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco continues to be an international issue, but the people of Western Sahara are also increasing their activism. In different cities, several demonstrations were organized and they called for the withdrawal of the Moroccan presence from Western Sahara. Demonstrators are denouncing the acts of repression carried out by Moroccan occupying authorities against the Saharawi people. Pray for the protection of the Saharawi people who are under the control of Morocco. No one knows if Western Sahara has the capability for self-governance, so pray that they would govern with wisdom and dignity. Pray that the people of Western Sahara come to know the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, 1 John 3:16).



Under the leadership of President Mohammad Morsi the Egyptians have drafted a new, more Islamic fundamentalist constitution. Many women protested the new constitution. According to reports, the Muslim Brotherhood stopped some women from voting. Other minority groups (like Christians) also have concerns about this constitution. There is a growing feeling that this constitution is not for “We, the People of Egypt,” but “We, Some of the People of Egypt.” Pray for the government of Egypt to introduce the fundamental principle of democratic governance that includes all the people of Egypt. Pray for President Mohammad Morsi to have wisdom to lead Egypt with honor for all peoples (The Bible, 1 Timothy 2:1-2).


Pastor Makset Djabbarbergenov was released from prison in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He and his family are now residing in an undisclosed European country. Aigul, Makset’s wife, says, “Pray that we can follow God and He’ll lead us to be where He wants us to be.” Praise the Lord for Makset Djabbarbergenov’s release from prison, and for his willingness to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Ask the Lord to give Makset divine wisdom, direction, and discernment. Pray for Christian Believers in Uzbekistan as they face harsh persecution (The Bible, James 1:5).



The Nepalese government is not honoring an agreement it made months ago promising full rights to Christian Believers. Instead, Christian Believers still have neither land to bury their dead nor churches established as religious trusts. In addition, despite evidence there are over 2.5 million Christian Believers in Nepal, a recent census claims there are only around 300,000. Please pray for the government of Nepal to respect its promise to guarantee full rights to Christian Believers. Ask God to grant His Church patience and endurance during this time. Pray for Nepalese Christian Believers to passionately share the Gospel with their communities. Ask the Lord for a great harvest of souls (The Bible, Revelation 3:20).


Security forces from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) arrested ten members of an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood cell. They were reportedly recruiting Muslim Brotherhood members in the Gulf state. Many Egyptians come to the UAE to make a better living. The Muslim Brotherhood was also raising funds and gathering secret defense information on the UAE. Pray against the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pray for the government of the UAE to have wisdom in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood. Pray for the knowledge of the Lord Jesus to penetrate even the hardest hearts in the UAE and that they would come to know Him (The Bible, Acts 9:1-18).



In 2012, Albania ranked as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Recently, a report by Global Financial Integrity claims that approximately $1.3 billion was “moved illicitly out of the country from 2005-2010 through a combination of corruption, tax evasion, and other illegal activities.” Pray for an end to corruption in Albania, and for those responsible to receive justice. Pray for the Albanian Church to diligently seek opportunities to share the Gospel. Pray for many to accept Jesus Christ in Albania (The Bible, Isaiah 30:18).


In Morocco, the rising cost of basic goods like water and electricity sent demonstrators onto the streets to protest. The financial situation in Morocco is not fiscally sound. King Mohammed VI has tried to meet the demands of a more Islamist group, but economic struggles continue to put pressure on the current government. Police responded quickly with tear gas and water cannons to disperse any protestors. Pray for financial blessing to come to Morocco. Pray that people would have their basic needs met. Pray for people to turn from Islam and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:16).



Arab Shi'ite and Sunni sectarian tensions continue to grow in Iraq. Explosions kill Shi’ite worshipers as they go on pilgrimages to different Shi’ite Islamic sites in Iraq. A bomb planted near their home, south of Baghdad, killed a Sunni family. These sectarian and ethnic divisions threaten to further destabilize the country. The Kurdish people in the north are another ethnic group that also complicate the Iraqi situation. Pray for the establishment of a government in Iraq that would be strong and would care for all the people. Pray that the Lord’s love, righteousness, and justice will flow over Iraq (The Bible, Psalm 33:5).


In southern Sri Lanka, around eighty Buddhist monks led a large crowd in a protest against a Christian church. The mob destroyed church property and attacked the pastor and two police officers. According to Morning Star News, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Religious Affairs is moving to “regulate, monitor, and even define what a church is by the state.” Ask God to swiftly heal the injured police officers and pastor. Pray the government would not monitor churches. Pray for Christian Believers in Sri Lanka who are facing opposition. Pray for the Sri Lankan Church to grow and thrive despite persecution (The Bible, Matthew 5:10).



According to a recent study by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the Church in Israel is growing, with Christian Believers comprising two percent of the population. In a Christmas address to the nation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Christian communities are strong, growing, and wholly integrated into the life of the country.” Praise God the Israeli Church is growing and thriving. Pray for this trend to continue. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout all of Israel (The Bible, Acts 2:47).


The HIV/AIDS infection rate is quickly rising among Tajikistan’s women. A new government study reports 28.5 percent of all new HIV cases are women. In 2005, it was only 8.5 percent. Manija Khaitova of the Centre for Mental Health and HIV/AIDS believes the wives of migrant workers are particularly at risk because they have few means of protecting themselves from infection. Pray for the government to test and educate migrant workers and their families on HIV/AIDS. Pray for Christian Believers to witness and minister to migrant women. Pray for the Gospel to spread in Tajikistan (The Bible, Matthew 5:16).



In the mountainous southwest Yunnan province, forty-two people perished in a landslide that destroyed an entire village on January 11, 2013. Gaopo village is not too far away from Yiliang County where eighteen school children died in a similar landslide. This recent landslide was attributed to the heavy downpour and a series of strong earthquakes that had rattled the region late last year.  Pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for the speedy recovery of those who were rescued. Pray for favorable climate and seasons in the region (The Bible, Psalm 31:24).


Approximately 25,000 refugees reside in camps in Holl-Holl and Ali Addeh. According to the Ministry of Interior’s National Office for the Assistance of Refugees and Displaced Persons, the integration of refugees is challenging because of “lack of drinking water, recurring droughts, malnutrition, and food shortages.” The UN estimates Djibouti will host over 30,000 refugees by the end of next year. The majority of the refugees are from Somalia. Ask God to provide for the refugees’ physical needs. Pray for Christian Believers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the refugee camps. Pray for many new Christian Believers in Holl-Holl, Ali Addeh, and throughout Djibouti (The Bible, Psalm 46:1).



After attacking an oil pipeline, al-Qaeda now controls much of the south of Yemen. One of the poorest Arab countries, Yemen is an easy target for al-Qaeda. Pray against the spread of al-Qaeda in this land. Pray the poor and suffering will know that it is only through the Lord Jesus Christ true peace will come. Pray that many in Yemen will know the Father through Jesus (The Bible, John 14:6).


The Vietnamese government passed a new law which went into effect on January 1, 2013. Decree 92 is designed to limit religious freedom throughout Vietnam. According to Tong Thi Phong, Vice President of Parliament, “Vietnam will increasingly model itself on China in matters of religious policies.” Pray for the government to repeal Decree 92. Pray for Christian Believers in Vietnam to boldly proclaim the Gospel despite new restrictions. Pray for the growth of the Vietnamese Church (The Bible, 1 Corinthians 16:13).



According to the Food and Drug Administration, heroin is the most abused drug in Taiwan. However, more and more Taiwanese are turning to sleeping pills as their drug of choice. Lin Jin-jia, head of Chi Mei Hospital Psychiatry Department, believes people are using these drugs to fight insomnia, but “overreliance on sleeping pills can lead to substance addiction.” Pray for the people of Taiwan to find freedom from drug dependence through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for Taiwanese Christian Believers to share their faith with those struggling with addictions. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout Taiwan (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:17).


Shia versus Sunni Islamic divide is widening in the small island nation of Bahrain. Shia demonstrators want more democracy. They want an end to what they claim is discrimination against the Shia Muslim community by the Sunni royal family and those faithful to the royal family. Shia Muslims make up the majority of the population in Bahrain. Pray against any human rights abuses such as excessive use of force by security forces, torture, and unfair termination of employees. Pray for the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ to fill the whole land with His truth and grace (The Bible, 2 Peter 3:18).



The West Coast Bajau people of Brunei are exclusively Muslim. However, traditional animist beliefs are interwoven with their religious practices. According to Joshua Project, there are no known missionaries, churches, or Christian Believers among the West Coast Bajau. Ask the Lord to bring missionaries to the West Coast Bajau. Pray for the Bible and the Jesus film to be translated into their primary language. Ask the Holy Spirit to make their hearts and minds receptive to the Gospel (The Bible, Luke 24:45).


In the northern city of Tripoli, there is increased fighting between two sects–Sunni and Alawite. The Sunnis greatly outnumber the Alawites. This fighting reflects the conflict that is out of control in Syria. Explosions have rocked the city and street battles continue to rage. These battles are mainly in the heavily impoverished northern districts. The Lebanese military is trying to keep the peace and to control this situation but they are spread thin. Pray for the reconciliation of Sunni and Alawite fighters. Pray also for the Lebanese military to bring peace to this situation. Pray for godly men and women to stand up for justice and peace (The Bible, Romans 12:18).



Qatar has allowed for Church City to be built. In a land where, just a few years ago, Christianity and Churches were taboo, the government has approved the building of Churches. There are many Christian Believers from the Philippines and South Asia who work in homes and service jobs in Qatar. There are also Arab Christian Believers and Western Believers. Pray for the Church in Qatar to grow strong and deep in the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13).


The Chechen people of Turkmenistan are very devout Muslims. Because of this, they are difficult to reach with the Gospel. However, according to Joshua Project, “there may now be a small group of Christian Believers among the Chechen.” Pray for missionaries to come and serve the Chechen people. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts and minds to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for the establishment of a Chechen Church. Ask God to encourage, strengthen, and protect the few Chechen Christian Believers in Turkmenistan (The Bible, Luke 24:45-47).



According to Samuel Bwalya, economic advisor for the United Nations Development Program in Ethiopia, Ethiopia has taken significant strides in reducing poverty. Although Ethiopia’s economy is growing, a third of Ethiopians still live below the poverty line. In Ethiopia, life expectancy is only fifty-seven years, and there are more than 12,000 street children in Addis Ababa. Pray for the strengthening and growth of Ethiopia’s economy. Ask God to meet the physical needs of Ethiopia’s poor and destitute. Pray for the numerous street children’s safety and provision. Pray for Christian Believers in Ethiopia to communicate their faith with those that are struggling to survive in a difficult economy (The Bible, Luke 12:29-31).


According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), since June of 2011, the Burma Army has militarily engaged the Christian Kachin. The Kachin are a people group that live in northern Burma. Since then, more than 100,000 civilians have become refugees. In addition, the Burma Army destroyed a number of churches and villages, and raped, tortured, and murdered Kachin. CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston says, “The dramatic escalation in the Burma Army’s assault on the Kachin is deeply disturbing.” Pray for an immediate end to the Burma Army’s offensive. Ask God to supernaturally protect the Christian Kachin Believers, and to provide for the refugees. Pray for the Gospel to spread despite the war (The Bible, Psalm 27:3).



In 2008, approximately 30,000 Chadians fled to Cameroon during a civil war between the government and rebel forces. Today, an estimated 2,000 refugees have returned to Chad. With assistance from the United Nations, more refugees will relocate to their home country. Pray for peace to continue in Chad. Pray for the refugees to smoothly transition back into their homeland. Pray for Christian Believers in Chad to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with the refugees (The Bible, 1 Thessalonians 2:8).


The Algerian military is running combat exercises in their southern desert terrain, before possible confrontations against armed Islamists and terrorist brigades from northern Mali. The Algerian army, air force, national police officers, and special operation forces have been training the entire month of December 2012 and will continue to do drills for the whole year of 2013. Pray for the Algerian government to have wisdom in dealing with the Islamic threat in the South. Pray for God to open doors for peoples living in this region to hear the Good New of the Lord Jesus Christ  (The Bible, Romans 10:14-15).



Libya has a small Christian population that comprises mostly western, Asian, and east European expatriates along with thousands of Egyptian migrant workers. Two Egyptian Christians were killed and two were wounded in a bomb blast at a Coptic church. This was the latest in a series of religiously motivated attacks by Islamic militants. Fundamentalist Muslims, called Salafis, have, over the previous years, attacked sites associated with religious minorities in Libya. Pray for the protection of the small Church community in Libya. Ask God to protect them from the evil one. Pray against the rise of Salafis in Libya. Pray that they have less and less honor in the eyes of other Muslims (The Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:3).


The Malaysian government now allows Christian Believers to travel to Israel for up to three weeks. Previously, only 700 Christian Believers per year could travel to the Holy Land for a stay of one week. This verdict is a result of a lengthy dispute between the government and minority Christian Believers. Praise God for the government’s decision to ease travel restrictions to Israel for Christian Believers. Pray for the forthcoming Malaysian elections. Pray for Christian Believers to spread the Gospel in their communities (The Bible, Mark 16:15).



Oman has seen limited changes in government over the years. Most Omanis like their government. They feel that it has been working well. They respect the leadership of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. There have been a few signs of reform in this absolute monarchy. However, some activists are muzzled and jailed for calling for real change. Some of these activists want democracy and more freedom, while others favor a more Islamic influence over their government. Pray for the people in Oman to be subject to their governing authorities. Pray that the governing authorities would follow God’s ways. Pray that the people in Oman would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and honor Him (The Bible, Romans 13:1-7).


Due to Kazakhstan’s new Religion Law, authorities forced many churches to close their doors. Forum 18 News Service reports, “liquidation decisions are arbitrary and flawed, often taken amid questionable legal procedures.” For example, the government closed one church because it gave “false information” on its application (a church founder had passed away during the registration process). Pray for the government to repeal the Religion Law. Ask God to protect His Church in Kazakhstan from closure and persecution. Pray for Christian Believers to stand firm in their faith, and continue to share Jesus Christ in their communities (The Bible, 1 Corinthians 16:13).



Two years after the Arab Spring which brought much hope to Tunisia and other Arab nations, many now feel, it is the Arab Winter. The dreams of many Tunisians have turned into economic hardships and higher unemployment. The new freedoms brought in more Islamic control. The Tunisian government fears the Islamic control of the Salafist, Tunisia’s militant Islamic movement. Pray against the spread of the Salafist movement. Pray for wisdom for the Tunisian government to move their country forward. Pray for economic improvements and the creation of jobs. Pray for those in the Tunisian Church to have employment as well (The Bible, Proverbs 28:17).


After surviving decades of conflict and the Khmer Rouge government, many Cambodians suffer from trauma-related mental illnesses. However, with a shortage of mental health care workers, many Cambodians go without the treatment they need. The burden of their care falls on overwhelmed family members. According to a study by the Leitner Centre for International Law and Justice, between ten and forty percent of mentally ill Cambodians are chained or locked up by their family. Ask God to emotionally and spiritually heal Cambodians who struggle with mental illness. Pray for more mental health professionals in Cambodia. Pray for the mentally ill to receive the treatment they need, and for their families to obtain support. Pray for Christian Believers to reach out to these Cambodians with the love and peace of Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 3:16).



Christian Believers make up less than 0.1% of the population and frequently face persecution for their beliefs. However, Turkey’s eagerness to join the European Union and the renewed demand for religious freedom by representatives of member states promises to pave the way for greater freedom for Christian Believers. Pray earnestly for religious freedom in Turkey. Ask the Lord to protect His Church in Turkey from violence and discrimination. Pray for the Gospel to spread swiftly throughout this nation (The Bible, John 8:32).


North Korea is monitoring underground Christian Believers more closely. According to Open Doors USA, approximately 50,000 to 70,000 Christian Believers reside in labor camps. The conditions are appalling. The group states, “Some have been tortured so severely they cannot walk anymore.” Pray for the immediate release of North Korean Christian Believers from labor camps. Ask God to shield and protect His imprisoned Church. Pray for North Korea to allow religious freedom. Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout this nation (The Bible, Psalm 28:7).



Somalia is a country marred by warlords, Islamist militants, and its neighbor’s interference in its affairs. In 2012, Somalia marked a historic political year with the swearing-in of the country’s first parliament in more than twenty years. The top United Nations official for Somalia signaled the need for uninterrupted international support for Somalia if the gains of the past year are to be consolidated and advanced. Pray for the gains made in Somalia to continue and for the Somalis to be prosperous. Pray for the evils caused by warlords, Islamist militants, and others to be cleansed out of Somalia. Pray for a growth of disciples following Jesus Christ in this land of violence (The Bible, John 8:31).


In November 2010, Asia Bibi was sent to death row for allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Today, her husband, Ashiq Masih, is petitioning Spain to help free his wife and give his family asylum after receiving numerous death threats. According to Ashiq Masih, “We are very happy and have great faith that this country will help free my wife.” Pray for Pakistani authorities to free Asia Bibi. Pray for Spain to give this family refuge. Pray for the people of Pakistan to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (The Bible, Psalm 91:4).



Recently, the Living Faith Church burned to the ground in Nigeria. It was a brand new church building. Members of the Living Faith Church blame the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria because of ongoing litigation and threats from the group. In the previous year, extremists attacked and destroyed thousands of other Nigerian churches. Ask God to encourage, protect, and strengthen His Church in Nigeria. Pray for Nigerian Christian Believers to boldly tell others about Jesus Christ. Pray for the Gospel to spread in this nation (The Bible, Psalm 62:5-8).


The Malki people of Maldives are almost entirely Muslim. They are also very superstitious and afraid. They fear evil spirits and jinnis, shape-shifting ghosts of Muslim legend capable of exerting supernatural sway over humans. The Bible is not available in their native language. Pray for the small number of Malki Christian Believers to openly share the Gospel. Pray for the Malki to find refuge and peace in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for the Bible to be translated into Maldivian (The Bible, Psalm 91:2).


The twenty-one month long conflict in Syria has put enormous pressure on Jordan's infrastructure. Jordan now hosts about 275,000 Syrian refugees. Jordan expressed concern that Syrian President Bashar Assad could use chemical weapons in a last-ditch effort to save his regime.  If he does, the effects will be felt in Jordan.  Pray for King Abdullah II of Jordan and his government to have great wisdom in dealing with the Syrian crisis. Pray that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ would continue to go out to the Jordanians and the Syrian refugees (The Bible, Mark 13:19-20).


According to Molly Melching, founder of Tostan–an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Dakar, Senegal may become the first African country to end the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM involves procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. Approximately 5,000 communities in Senegal are abandoning FGM, with more expected to follow. By 2015, the government believes it can end FGM. Pray for Senegal to set an example for other African nations by swiftly eradicating FGM. Ask God to heal the young girls and women who have suffered through this terrible procedure. Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to spread throughout Senegal (The Bible, Psalm 147:3).



The United Nations is calling for increased human rights in Eritrea. The UN urged the Eritrean government to cooperate with an international mandate to provide "an objective, fair and impartial picture" of the human rights situation. Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993. President Isaias Afwerki, who assumed power at independence, turned the small nation into one of the world's most repressive nations. Pray for President Isaias Afwerki. Pray for those in Eritrea who are suffering from human right violation, pray for them to have strength and justice.  Pray for the different people groups to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ (The Bible, Luke 17:1).


A report by UK advocacy group Free Tibet and Tibet Watch states that Tibetan children are “victims of arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, and torture for their political and religious beliefs, and face punishment because of the activities or beliefs of their family members.” Tibetan children participate in anti-Chinese protests and self-immolations. Recently, Bhenchen Kyi, a 17-year-old girl, died after she set herself on fire in Tsekhog. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Tibet and China. Pray for Christian Believers in Tibet to share their faith with Tibet’s young people. Pray for the Tibetan Church to grow and flourish (The Bible, 2 Timothy 4:2).


President Bashar al-Assad still holds onto power after twenty-two months of bloody civil war in his country. The president is seen as being friendly to minority groups. For example, the Christian community has had greater freedom under President Assad. No one really knows what will happen to Syria if the devised opposition groups take power. Last year, 39,520 people were killed in the war, and many fear that 2013 will only be worse. Pray for peace in Syria. Pray for the Christian communities who fear that the removal of President Assad means more suffering and pain for them. Pray against an increase of Islam in Syria (The Bible, Matthew 16:18-19).


The Uyghur people of Mongolia are predominantly Muslim. They believe that Christians are their enemies. While the Bible and Jesus film are available in the Uyghur language, there are no known Christian Believers among the Uyghur. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open the hearts and minds of the Uyghur people to the Truth of the Gospel. Pray for missionaries to share Jesus Christ with the Uyghur. Ask God to use the Jesus film to reach this people group. Pray for many Uyghur to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (The Bible, John 14:26).



A new health project in East Timor aims to lower the nation’s maternal and infant death rates. The program, entitled Mobile Mums, sends health information to pregnant women and new mothers via text messages. According to Beth Elson of Health Alliance International, “The program hopes to make it easier to communicate with pregnant women living in remote areas, and give them time to plan if they need to seek medical help.” Ask the Lord to bless the Mobile Mums endeavor. Pray for the health of East Timor’s pregnant women and newborn children. Pray for Christian Believers in East Timor to share the Gospel with these women (The Bible, Mark 2:17).


The Gambia Moral Congress Party (GMC) is calling for a global campaign against the rise of “gross human rights atrocities and arbitrary arrest and detention of people by the government of Yahya Jammeh.” Mai Ahmed Fatty, leader of the GMC, states, “The consensus among the opposition party is crystal clear – the end of the dictatorship.” Fatty believes Gambians are responsible for liberating the nation from the “yoke of oppression.” Pray for freedom and peace in The Gambia. Pray for the Gambian Church to passionately share the Gospel with those around them. Pray for many Gambians to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:17).


The Gaza Strip just celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of Hamas. Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and they mainly control the Gaza Strip. From Gaza, Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel and Israel has been returning fire with airstrikes. Egypt has helped to create a fragile ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian territory. Pray for peace in this region. Pray against the increase of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pray that Arab Palestinian Christians would grow deeper in their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and live for His great Kingdom (The Bible, Ephesians 4:14-16).


The Palestinian Authority controls the West Bank and they are not viewed as a very strong government. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and would like to see both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip unified and controlled by Hamas. There is fear rising that Hamas is calling on Hamas terror groups (sleeper cells) in the West Bank to prepare themselves for armed struggle. With the growth of Islam, Arab Christian Believers are seeking to leave the West Bank. Pray for God’s hand to move among the Christian community; Pray for renewed strength as they face increased persecution. Pray for the government to know the best way forward. Pray against the spread of Islam in the West Bank (The Bible, John 15:18-21).


Pray for the Lord to guide and direct the staff of Window International Network. Ask Him to share with them His heart for the 10/40 Window. Pray for them to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and surrendered to the will of God. Petition the Lord to enable them to accomplish all that He desires in this region. (The Bible, Psalm 46:10)

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