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Global Harvest of Souls - June 12, 2011

Attention mighty men and women of God: in celebration of the birthday of the Church, this Pentecost Sunday 2011 has been set aside as a day to participate in the Global Harvest of Souls.

Between Pentecost 2009 and Pentecost 2010, the ministry led by Dr. Victor and Sister Bindu Choudhrie baptized one million people in India. What will the Lord do in 2011?

Pentecost is the day the Holy Spirit came down like tongues of fire on the first disciples. Three thousand families were baptized and immediately started meeting in homes.

As Dr. Victor Choudhrie notes, “the best way to celebrate the birthday of the Church is to replicate the original first Pentecost.” He suggests aiming to baptize at least 3000 souls. “And why not? After all, you believe in a great and awesome God for whom nothing is impossible. The simplest way is to invite your neighbors, friends and colleagues during the Lent period and tell them about the great sacrifice or show them the JESUS Film.

“Aim to be a millionaire of souls. If you consider yourself ‘the least’ in the Kingdom then God can multiply you into a thousand within a short period of time.”

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